Friday, April 24, 2009

Houdinis car

I am off to bed after working through a mostly wet night,I just thought I would post this photo of Houdinis car, safely clamped in chains and padlock, when the clampers went away the car just threw off the clamp.

Lucky guy,

Whats the chances of that ever happening again?

Because of the weather I did OK, nothing mad but I got 4 trips out to Firhouse direction at around e20 a pop they paid the rent.
The rain meant that few people were walking, long may it continue.

I saw a red Avensis going round last night with his yellow sticker on the bottom left of his back window and below the mirror in front.
I think this is an illegal taxi,

Where are the enforcers now?

Its that time of the year when you fire up the Massey Fergasun tractor to pull out your boat and get it launched for the summer. The crane is on its way to lift the boats over the sea wall.
When the swallows start to leave the boats get lifted again in the fall.

Here is a very positive piece, quite uplifting really because Evelyn Glennie is totally deaf.
She feels the vibrations through her feet!

I love her voice. Have a look at

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