Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank your stars.

A fine house on Park Ave

Ferry across to North Shields

I jumped the gun a bit the other day, I meant write about the protest and then finish it tonight,but I pressed the publish button instead of the save one.

I am preparing for a big birthday I will be 60 in May!

I booked a meal with my family, had to organize for the other day..We might not meet all together for a long time.

You know restaurants claim that times are hard,but you try to book a meal for 10 or so and they start to add surcharges etc.

Guys don't bother we went elsewhere!

At a dinner with Paul Daniels the magician once,someone asked how old he was? his answer was that inside he was 12 but his body was considerably older.

That's the way I feel to, but inside I am 14.

I updated the links at the side of the blog and I will be looking at them again, so if you have stopped posting you will be gone off the sidebar for sure.
Glad to see the DC cabby is back at the wheel again.
I put the save the yellow cabs link up..Its a radio show, some of those old gravely voices are great, its a really good show,gives you a great view on taxi life.

I had a magazine clipping from a friend about British cabby's, a really interesting bit of work. One guy was Iranian and he said "Whenever things get really bad and I need a break I just load up the cab and drive home....To Iran, that would be a drive and a half, I wonder what would be on the meter?

Tonight my Mojo is not working, I am driving like a ship that is cursed as I cruise through the streets of our fine capital, I know it is not me but the 16,000 other cabs that keep driving in front of me.
So I dropped anchor and went for a pint of Guinness and I wall try again tomorrow.
I know I have said it before but its very like fishing. Turn left pick up a fare, turn right nothing. Like the fisherman I am casting left or right.

I had a few interesting people and if you yourself do not feature it doesn't mean I think any less of you.
I picked up a lady at the Westbury hotel going to the Gresham hotel in O'Connell st. She needed to talk, about traffic, weather, about anything.
Suddenly she said that she had 5(I think) kids but 2 of them had died. She spoke about a precious 5 year old child who spent time talking to customers in their chemists shop."He was a lovely child,I'm not just saying that because I was his mother. He was killed in an accident and we told the family to come home that he had a broken leg, we didn't want to alarm them, My eldest daughter arrived home to find the black ribbon on the front door. She developed anorexia nervoza from the shock and died shortly after. I lost my youngest and oldest in a very short time."

You know if you think you might have had problems balancing the budget etc. ? Try carrying her load for a few days, add to it a sick husband and cut backs in the health service.

Another lady I picked up on East Wall Road today, she had just finished acupuncture and was heading back to Galway. She had been in a car crash and he road to recovery was a long one. She told me how a car had crashed into her and turned her car into a Cortina (She meant a concertina), One way or another the alternative treatment was helping, but it is a long process.

Your health is all you have.

On Easter Sunday a guy of 23, who was just become engaged was eating Pizza and playing cards with his mates. Then he took a taxi from the bottom of Mount Prospect Ave. Some say the taxi missed the turn for Victoria Rd. But the young guy paid off the taxi and ran over the road towards the Yacht pub only to be killed by a car heading into town,he probably only looked one way before crossing.

You need to be so much on your game all the time, it only takes a second to be killed.

Take care of yourselves and your passengers,

So remember the Lotto will be 12 or 13 million on Saturday, if you win say nothing
to anyone and as they say. "Don't forget the homeless"

Aw Cheer up

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  1. I love reading your real life storys John, they always make me laugh or cry, always interesting and from from what I read its the real deal