Friday, April 03, 2009

Grand National Weekend

Once Oscar Wyldes home, now the American College

The man himself

Finns hotel where James Joyces wife Nora Barnicle worked as a chambermaid.
She is said to have once remarked. " Why don't you write books that people can read"

Friday evening, after a beautiful day there is a light mist falling.
Our year is often remembered by sporting events and this week it is the turn of the Grand National at Aintree Liverpool, what a day out it is sure to be. Sporting moments.
Everyone goes mad and in its long history it has even been won by Elisabeth Taylor, can't remember the film though.(National Velvet)
Its one great day out that you should try to go once in your life.

Good luck to you all.

The big winner is usually the bookie.

A schoolteacher asked her religion class "Who was born in a stable and had millions of followers?"
Tommy from the front row throws up his hand. "Red Rum" Miss

There was one thing getting back to singers, did you ever hear Pavarotti dad singing?

You tube has everything.

Oh you if you are the lady who was bringing your kid to speech therapy, don't even worry yourself, loads of kids have problems with th's and t's until their teeth grow and the roof of their mouth develops.
I didn't get a chance to tell you when you were getting out.

Look I am off to bed and I hope the work will be out there when I go out.

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