Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Remember 1969?
Fiat 500

Easter is a movable feast.
It falls on Sunday of the first full moon after the Spring equanox.

Before I start to rattle on here is a note.

Taxi Drivers For Change

The next Steps

Taxi Drivers for change invite all of it's campaign supporters to attend an open meeting on Thursday 16th of April at the Transport workers club on Clogher Rd in Crumlin Beginning at 10.30 a.m. and finishing at an undetermined time.

The purpose of the meeting is threefold:

1. To discuss, validate and mandate the framework submission that the committee are presently assembling as mandated by a conference of 37 delegates from around the country and by our own supporters held at the same venue on Thursday March 19th last at the same venue.

2. To Inform the supporters of the campaign of Political avenues that need to be explored and gain consensus opinion of same.

3. To discuss the next protest/protests either immediate or for future dates.

If a majority decision is reached on the day immediate action will be taken and funds may be required i.e. a fighting fund, so come prepared!

For your information the situation as we understand it is as follows:

oThe Minister has not agreed to meet with us.

o The Taxi Regulator continues to hold out the Goodbody document as the way forward which we do not agree with.
Time is running out and the situation in our industry worsens day by day.
Radical action is required and will be taken if deemed necessary.
Other routes now need to be explored and your input is extremely valuable to us so we need as many of the supporters of this campaign to attend.

Remember why we all began this journey :

Suspension of easy entry into the Taxi industry, until we participate in a complete root and branch Review and Restructure of the Taxi industry so we can all do a fair days work for a fair days pay and do it with with Pride, Respect and DIGNITY.

Well Boys and girls if we do nothing, nothing will change, as it stands the number of taxis needs to be cut by 2/3, that is a fact.

We are overwhelmed,


Well we had Good Friday when all the pubs were shut, then came Saturday night, Tina Turner was on a gain at the O2 arena and as usual the fans were awestruck,
I hope I can leap about like that when I am 69.

The usual crap as the Garda tried to stop us picking up fares, but I got 2 fares in the end.

Got 2 druggies later off to buy heroin in Crumlin, they wanted to go to a school that I didn't know the location of but they were glad to give directions while talking on the phone. "No No No not dat stuff, the wet stuff, Left here driver, yes we will be dere in a minit"

When we got there after I got further directions to were we would be going next and then where we would be going after that.

The "contact"was not there so they thought that e8.50 was a bit expensive so they decided to pay me off with a crisp e50 note and get another taxi.

Glad to be going I saw another taxi pull up as I drove away.
Another customer I thought as a young girl got out of that taxi.

When you get a taxi at night it costs e4.40, then for the extra passenger add another euro, so the fare itself was not so dear. To hail the other taxi would cost them another e5.40 and they were now off the beaten track, so they would have to walk a bit to find another taxi.

Following here is an example of what I mean when I say that taxi drivers should be of the highest moral callaber possible.

I stopped for this couple and before he got in she asked him where he lived, "Well you'll need another taxi"says she, so off we went to Heartstown.
A good looking Blond in her early 20s,she was chatting away her speech was slurred but she was not blotto. Arriving in Blanchardstown she said she had to make a call.
She spoke for 2 minutes when she passed out. I could hear the boyfriend talking on the phone which by now was on the floor.
So I think to myself she can't be too bad,she will wake nup when I get near to her house.
I let the windows down ands call her to waken up. No response.
I loked around for couples passing but there was only groups of lads passing by.

It is very important that you Never ever shake a girl awake who is asleep in the back of your taxi, you can be done for sexual assault so easily.!

So back to Blanchardstown Garda station where I knocked and called until a nice young female Garda came out.

She threw her eyes to heaven when I explained my problem.

But even she had never seen anyone in such a deep sleep.
Slapping and shaking had little effect.
When she did come round she gave a false address and then she eventually gave her correct address.

A few years ago at Blackrock Garda station when I had the Fiat Scudo a male Garda came out to a sleeping female passenger an grabbed her by the breasts, rubbing them violently he then squeezed her nipples..She woke up with a shreek...That was in anyone's book a serious sexual assault, but then he was a Garda.

Back to the story, she then said how sorry she was and she didn't know what happened to her,suddenly the retching started. Window down,stopped,door open and out came a gallon of sweet smelling booze..
After a while I gave her the remains of my water bottle to rinse out her mouth and settle her stomach.

She was very sorry for all the bother and was quite distressed over the matter.

She was a very nice girl I really mean that and when I got her to her door she insisted on paying me extra even though I had stopped the meter when I had to go back to the Garda station.

You would not need to use your imagination too much to see how she could be badly done by with the wrong driver behind the wheel of a taxi.

My last fare of the day around 2 hours later told me he was in a bar off Grafton St. with his sisters and their boyfriends when he had his drink spiked by this short creepy guy who then tried to drag him into one of the toilet stalls in the pub.

He was rescued by his brother in law as it happened, The week after he was thrown out of the pub for punching the guy who drugged him.
He told security what had happened, all they said was that they had suspected that guy of doing something like that before.

But they could prove nothing.

So you see she could have been the victim of the date rape drug Ro*****l.

TX4s going on fire.

Is the Vito the answer?

Here is a taxi story for you.
I didn't even know what a T girl was

Must go Tina Turner calls again.


  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    He/She is a Transvestite,Quite a good one I should say,Not that I know much about them only what I have seen in the Taxi game

  2. Well there is a great one here in Dublin. Black girl picked her up and dropped off near the Gaiety.
    Saw a few ladyboys from Thailand too.

    This gets all too confusing.