Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring advances

Dawn over Fairview park, mist on the football pitches, a beautiful day dawns.

The Spanish girl has dark hair, wouldn't you like to drive them to Tara?

If you haven't seen this take a look.

Talent exists in the most unlikely people.

Or who would remember the phone salesman Paul Potts?

Its a pity I couldn't embed them but they work fine with a cut and paste.

Well Friday was bad instead of working all night I threw in the towel at 2.00 am and went home. I did not even go out until midnight on Saturday as there was a good old movie on TV about 2 man eating lions killing workers building a bridge in Africa.

There was a big fire on Auinger St, The Capitol pub I believe. This closed off the street from both directions and in true Irish style the traffic was going up to the closed section, turning and coming back down. If anyone had brains they would have stopped the traffic going up at the junctions at either end.

Lucky for me I got a run to Tara Co Meath the ancient seat of the high Kings of Ireland for an agreed fare, anything to get me out of the traffic.
I had 3 girls 2 form Paris and one from Spain.
Well I had a very pleasant 45 Min's trip, one girl had learned English here and still misses the place. Good company shortens any journey, as they say and I would say it was a good trip down.
I told them of my time in Paris learning French, but sadly in my case I forgot it all.
Paris is a beautiful city, the food is great I bet you you won't walk past many of the patisseries in the morning either.The fashion and the beautiful buildings. If you ever wanted to drive F1 have a go on the perifireque, a ring road around Paris.
The people can be a bit of a problem, but when they get to know you they treat you OK.
Just don't take any bullshit when you are there.

What made the bonus is that I got a e35 fare on the way back into town.

Saturday night someone in Dublin won around 14 million euro on the lotto.

Good luck to you whoever you are, look after the poor!

I went down to the ferry and went to take a photo of showbiz coaches going on to the ferry. All blacked out windows around 8 of them. Then it came to me it was Disney on ice moving on. They were traveling in style.
While I was taking the photo another taxi drove past me to the other ferry spot.
When I arrived there he was first I was second.
When the boat emptied he was the only one who got a passenger.

So tonight we had all the people who were off for the duration of the Easter holidays coming back to town.
I didn't have much luck at the train stations as I could not get on the ranks, but there was a concert on at the o2. They were getting into line at 6 am, the concert started around 8.30 pm.
P!nk, never heard of her.
Everyone said it was a great show and they were going to see it again when it came back.

To anyone who has never been to Dublin it has just become incredible how many taxis there are in this city.

Perhaps I should post less, but I thought the French girls would like to see their photo.


  1. Nice picture of the dawn John, loved it!

  2. Paddy8:35 PM

    John, Love reading your posts. Keep it up. Just because you don't get many comments does not mean a lot of people are not reading them. Lot's of us are. Keep it going. Paddy. PS, I am the same age as you. May 22 this year I will be 60. Jaysus, where do the years go?

  3. Anonymous1:50 PM

    John. Good post - and lovely photos. Am heading to Paris early in May on my motorbike and will follow your advice. Keep the posts coming - always check in to read and enjoy them every couple of days. Eamonn

  4. Eamonn,I rode a Honda 50 from LeHarve to Paris years ago. If you stay on the minor roads there is some fantastic scenery Michelin map 1cm pour 2km Map 55. I stuck to the yellow roads following the river through the small villages. There is a lot of river traffic to see. All the best of luck with that trip.

  5. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Thks for the advice John. I'll pick up that map. That was some trip on a H50. Well impressive. I'll check in on return mid-May. Eamonn

  6. hey john, happy birthday .. in advance, i am going to be busy in may with a new shop i am opening in enniscorthy so I might not get time to say cheers etc lol