Thursday, June 17, 2010

Money up front

Micheal Jacksons clothes
Modern house near the KCR
Grangegorman, can you read the date?

Paparazzi,they really are scumbags.

On Monday I was upset, I had lost something of no cash value, but it was something which I had treasured very dearly.
It is often the way, things of great value have no price tag.

So I was cruising around for a fare, headed through Donnybrook and turned off for Ailesbury Rd. As you cross over into that road the traffic from your left has right of way, it is clearly marked. There was a girl on a bicycle in front of me and she went straight through the junction causing a taxi to brake sharply, He blew his horn and threw his hands up to the air. she ignored him.
I crossed over and drove along beside her.
"You don't have right of way there you know"
She pointed at her earphones and said "I can't hear you" and rode on.
So I drove ahead to see if there was a Garda at any of the embassies and I was out of luck, then through the next junction and there was a train coming.2 minutes later she was at the level crossing. There she was adjusting the songs on her Ipod.
I was going to get out and try to confront her, She is young and stupid I thought why bother.
Then the Dart came and the gates lifted up and off we went..But she turned into Park Avenue where she wandered well over to the right hand side of the road. So I blasted the horn and went past her.

I was really angry.

This is not like me to get angry at all.
One doesn't like to come on to people like some kind of a Nazi, but she was some stupid cheeky bitch, with no respect.
I would love ask her to think for s second and to imagine what it might be like to hold someones hand while they were dying, while you at the same time try to get them help.
In the end you know that this happened because they were talking on their phone or were listening to music in the middle of traffic.
She got away with it today, we will see about tomorrow.
Sean O'Connell a neighbour was telling me that a chap in London had been taken to task a few times by the Police for breaking through traffic lights etc.on his bicycle. Well a truck clipped him which landed him under the wheels where he was killed, at the inquest his cycling record was produced. the judge said it was an accident waiting to happen, so be it with her.

I was at the ferry the other where I met a few of the older drivers, Tony came over so I asked him what he meant the last time we had spoken about my old mate. ."Remember Mike Farrell you and him were always talking at Connelly, didn't you hear he was killed a while back"?
Mike Farrell lived in Coalraine St near N.King St.He was 5 ft 6 or so and had a cowboy type beard,
Well he picked up 4 lads going to Wicklow and when he asked for his money they beat him up and a few days later he died..
As Tony said if you saw him you would know him, but I do remember him well.
We come and go in this business like fog, first names I use very seldom, but faces yes I remember them and its a pity that anyone can kill someone for €50 or so.
A long journey its cash up front.
He used to drink in that pub on the r/h side before Benburb St.I often saw him having an early pint as I was heading down to Heuston.

It was a tragedy that could happen to any of us, day or night.

I had a red letter day myself yesterday. My last son is doing his leaving cert and his last morning exam has passed...This means that for the rest of his life I will not have to waken him up, make his breakfast, pack his school bag and bring him to school on time.

You are on your own now son....Make yourself late from now on !

You know FIDDLES in this job do happen, having the meter running before the customers stoops you etc, etc.
One thing I had not understood was explained to Me yesterday..
The concierge approaches, "How much to the airport" you say €25.."OK I will give you €30 and €5 for myself" So now the €25 fare is costing €35!

So what do you do?

It works like this, the customer asks that his taxi fare be included in the hotel bill.."No problem sir, I will pay the taxi and put it on the Hotel bill.

But then to my surprise the concierge said.

"If he asks you what it cost say €50" !!!!

I would tell my staff to get a printed receipt when you get there and tell the driver you will need a proper printed receipt before you start.."Inland Revenue"

I bought a book today that cheered me up "S**t My Father said" by Justin Halpern its very good and with fathers day just around the corner...Need I say more.

On My first driving lesson.

"Right Son First things first. A car has 5 gears,
Whats that smell?
Damn! You farted.
The first thing before that other first thing.


Only a moron does that!"

This weekend in Merrion Sq we have the world champion street performers competition.
So plenty of fun and frolics !

Going to meet an old friend tomorrow. She is a writer and musician from New York, Montreal, and Scotland at present, I have known Nancy Lyon for more than 30 years.
I don't think I will be missed on the rank!

So behave yourselves.

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  1. i like your blog. Really interesting as i am always getting taxi's in Dublin.