Friday, June 25, 2010

International taxi party..

Ladies in wating, each waiting for different things.

I an glad I decided to stop and take theese, it was much darker than it looks here, but it was really calm
Well if you took the time to look around last night you would have seen the most beautiful moon. Th clouds had a metallic Gray edge to them. Sometimes when you take time to look at mother nature she takes your breath away.
I was doing my duty working through the night, but you can't find a place to join a rank any more. Still I don't do depression so sod that.
I went for my cuppa and on the way there I saw a guy asleep on the pavement, it was a mild night and he was like the dead as all the people stepped over him.
Later on he was standing by an ATM machine sleeping on his feet.Horses can do this but people can't.
Later on he wandered over to the taxi just as 3 girls came over giggling to themselves..and you know who won! He said his destination."Churchtown" and passed out..
On arrival at the "Bottle Tower" pub I woke him up. He just got out and paid me, even though I just wanted a street..Remember in Chicago when a lady got out of a taxi and froze to death ? The poor taxi driver was blamed for her death.
Well he was obliged to see her safely home.

But reality is stranger than fiction.
The driver was let off, she had been given the wrong coat by the cloakroom attendant. Her fur coat was in the cloakroom with her front door keys in the pocket.
Makes you think. I always turn the car and light up the drive for ladies heading in, I wait until the door opens. Even if they don't tip.

Now I am eating breakfast at 10.00 am listening to Rana FM Kandahar radio from Afghanistan..the music has a really strong beat like Indian music.
We bought an Internet radio a few months ago and when I am doing the dishes at night I listen to Caribbean radio stations...But you can get all those stations on your computer too.
Taxi driving is another way of travelling the world, except the world comes to you.. Good ..Bad ..Sad..and sometimes even Mad.

Here is an example of a bad taxi driver. Just in case you don't know what that is!

Today I met an English Gypsy.
Built like a tank he had Gold teeth, so I suppose he could have been a pirate !

Thanks for all the comments, don't forget to jump into my taxi sometime..OK


  1. your blog is nourishing, thank you

  2. How entertaining and extremely INTERESTING! Looking forward to your posts as I 'Follow' you around in your taxi!

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  4. John, I've been reading quite a few of your posts tonight. They are particularly interesting to me since we will be in Ireland for the first time in September, and Dublin toward the end of our trip. I am more interested in these types of stories and places than I am in the tourist venues. I will keep reading this blog. Thanks.

  5. Anonymous8:36 AM

    All that here is told, a parcel of rubbish... Do not trust this person!!

  6. hey :)
    just wanted to say that i'm a huge fan of ireland, so.. it's cool to find someone who lives there.

    have a nice day

  7. Hey John

    Its my kids 16th birthday today. Your blog always makes interesting reading - I love the images you take and it is good to see all the comments you are getting

  8. Hi,
    nice blog have there :)
    we enjoy reading your blog.
    keep posting friend.

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  10. Multi-talented too. Some really good photos!

  11. seems that its your 503 th post.

  12. Hi your Blog is Very Cool&Chic!

    I like it..