Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers day

This is the mother of all cruise ships it brought in thousands of visitors on Friday and Saturday.

Grafton St. This guy is not moving.

World stree performance championships in Merrion Sq

This got published before it was finished.

It is turning out to be a good weekend, but as Iwrite it is 3.00am and I have stopped.
I will have to pace myself better, sleep more during the day when I am working nights.

Today I met a remarkable lady, I had a bit of information for her and I meant to tell her for 6 months or more.
I was coming along the Clontarf sea front and a lady flagged me down, her car had broken down again.
As we were passing a black Porsche she said "Thats it there its a heap of shit" Charming indeed..Still I do understand good mechanics who take real pride in their work are hard to find.
She was going out to Sutton close to the graveyard.
So I decided I would try to find my woman and 20 minutes later I was talking to Philomena Lynott mother of Phil Lynott of Tin Lizzy fame.
She once gave poetry that Phil wrote to a friend of mine, so I gave her the number of the person in question and she is going to rec kindle their old friendship.
The we spoke about Phil and kids and drugs.
Phil died from a drugs mishap, just like our Katie French, didn't mean to die, but...

"I go to his grave every day and clean the tombstone, then I talk to him and if there are fans there I talk to them as well. Before I go I kick the tombstone and tell him that he broke my heart"
She has been out to Wheatfield where she spoke to the druggies and she told them what drugs did for her in killing the wonderful talent that was philo.
I would say I was there for an hour, she will be 80 this year and I look much older than her,she really looks very well.

We both had a great laugh when I said I could see where he got his feisty attitude from.

God bless you Philomena.

I didn't have a camera but there are photos of her on the net.
I hope she gets the poems back.

So I worked on and at 3.20am I was stopped by a Russian girl who wanted me to come back at 4.20 to bring her to the airport, so i figured I should suspend normal work and go for tea and come back.."We are number 40 ant room 4".
I came back and I noticed that she had gone back into was 24, so I checked along the street,there was no no Nr. 40
So at 4.20 I rang the bell on Nr.24 and around 6 girls came crying goodbye and kissing and hugging, it was like a lesbian love fest,I loaded the luggage and waited at the car. The birds were singing their little hearts out.
One girl was Russian and was impressed that I guessed from her accent where she was from ,the other girl was Italian from Milano.
So I aske her what was the house number was 40 came the awnser..Think again 24 is twenty four !
"Still my Russian is much worse than your English. for sure".
Both girls loved Ireland and wanted to come back again soon.
I dropped them off at departures and sped off to meet the boat.

Then there was this woman dancing down the Malahide Rd at 5am. I stopped and she got in and continued dancing! She had bare legs, a short skirt and a blouse, no phone or keys, nothing else.
"Where to?"
"This is Donnycarney"
"Then go left"
We drove to Killester "Where to now?, we are in Killester"
"Turn left, No the other way, and turn again"
This brought us back on to Collins Ave back to where we started.
What you do in situations like this is to drive to a well lit garage forecourt with plenty of video cameras and tell them to get out, being very careful not to assault them. But before I turned the wheel she said "Straight ahead"
This time she was less vague but she was still dancing and looking up at the sky.
Then it all ended as quickly as it started.
"My house"and out she hopped out to get the money, she rang the doorbell and a grumpy chap came out and gave her the money.
"How much?" "Its €8 "so she hands me a €20 "Just give me back €12, I think I might be in a spot of trouble here" She was right on there. Imagine out all night and coming home half dressed, no phone calls and her as high as a kite.

When I made it to the ferry the first 3 cars had sleeping beauties at the wheel.
I was talking to another driver and he had a plan. When the passengers disembarked he ushered them past the sleeping drivers, then one of them woke up, but the leading car had missed 4 fares when one of the other drivers blew his horn and woke up the number one driver. "If you snooze you loose" he said.
Well I believe what you sow you reap. I wouldn't do that and I would hate anyone to do it to me. He did wake up and got off the rank though.
I got a chap from Chester heading for Crumlin. when the meter read 21 he said "That will be 27 right?"
I had to think for a while, what he was doing was converting Pounds Stg to Eure but hr had the difference the wrong way round 21 euro is less than 17 Pounds Stg.
He also gave me a street I didn't know, so I put it into the Sat nav it was a small street off Rafters Rd.I must either get a new Garmin or an update as the new estates of 3 years ago are not on it yet.
But I am waiting for the postal codes to arrive. Did you notice the new street signs starting around Rathfarnham "R167" etc. thats for the postal codes..

Don't forget Gay Pride week.
Or the bicycle race.

So boys and girls its Fathers Day, that greeting card holiday!

I know you kids are thinking of us all the time, still not too lake for a hug though..


  1. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Just for your info Garmin are doing a lifetime offer for maps now. Check out their site

  2. Yes I looked 99 for the lifetime of the instrument. I will think about it, but in 2 years time SatNavs will be 50c

  3. :) I like...
    I hope you like mine.

    Ps. Dublin is the happiest place I have ever been too!

  4. R167 might be a regional road!

  5. good, очень хорошо, мне понравилось, особенно фото. Людей не двигающих я снимал на камеру в Барселоне, позже, может быть выложу.

  6. I love your blog!! :)
    These pictures and stories make me miss Dublin terribly. Thanks for the good read!

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  8. When I saw the last photograph, I remembered a book that i´ve read named inkheart, the man in the photo it´s like I imagine Dustfinger. I really liked!

  9. I love your blog! It's very fresh and your writing has a an easy stream of consciousness voice. Sort of a working chaps Ulysses.