Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gay Pride

A man looks in wonder as 2 Queens pass by.

Isn't that your ex boyfriend there in that spotted dress?

There are still a few people willing to get married.
A wonderful portrait from
Is that me on the left hand side with the camera?

Well the week of celebrations for the gay community has passed, with a huge parade on Saturday. The theme was Horror, Ghouls etc.It was awesome, hardly a heterosexual in sight..Next year it will be compulsory to be gay.
I will be heading out of town.
I have been in a bad mood all week, someone stole the cherry from my bun (as my Dad would say) I will get myself focused again in a few days.
The weather has been fantastic and the farmers must be delighted with themselves. They are cutting grass for the winter months and conditions could not be better.
But in the City when the sun shines the beautiful girls come out to promenade !
Being Heterosexual I appreciate their beauty.
A colleague of mine remarked that you don't see them when the weather is bad because they are solar powered. Nice one.
She got into the taxi in Rathgar..Where to? East wall, just get me to hell out of here" She spoke of the party about how she came from East wall and they were so posh. I said how Harry Crosbie cane from Shirreff st., and Enyas manager came from East Wall and they are both multi millionaires. "Don't let where you come from stop you getting to where you are going to"".
Se asked me 20 times why I was going this way? but could offer no alternative route. Then the hiccups started, then the laughing hysterical laughing, "You must have had Champagne"I said. "I did.Why do you say that ?" "Girls who were drinking Champagne always laugh."
Then when we were crossing the new Sam Beckett bridge she started bawling and crying.
"Me boyfriend left me after 3 feckin' years he went"

What could I say?

I always carry a camera in the taxi and I think I got a photo of him, when we stop I will show you.
That's him there! in the blue dress I think.

Happy as the days of May she danced off, but not before she gave me a Euro tip.

I often wish I was braver when it comes to languages,I meet a French person for example that I don't try to use my few words, I would l think that if I had a few words in Polish, Spanish, Russian etc would expand my day, make it more fun. But when that French girl from Google got in I was so tongue tied that I didn't even turn on the meter. When I said I had been blinded by her great beauty she said "I wish", but she is pretty.
Google is here in Dublin in case you are looking for it. It is in Barrow St.
Really, loads of bright kids have come to work from all over the world!

Dublin is evolving all the time. I had an Australian girl in the car once who thought Dublin was a small fishing port. Not since 1642 said I.


  1. I love reading your stories, they make me feel as if I am right there even though I am in Ohio, United States. Although my mother's family is from Ireland, they are too American to remember where they came from, truly a very sad case. So for now I must live it through your stories and maybe someday I will be able to visit and really see it all for my self.

  2. Gotta say love reading your stories about your taxi escapades. Gay male here(Ah bloody hell). My partner's a taxi driver as well. Hear many-a-stories about his passenger's mishaps and misadventures. Can relate to the "bawling" girl and heard the "my bf/gf left me" story through my partner many-a-time also. Keep up the with the great stories. Peace out!

  3. ok can i please say i am in love with your blog?! i found it last night on blogs of note! amazing stuff! really! i used to cut hair at a barber shop in downtown flagstaff. our shop was across the street from the train station and around the corner from the bus station. i got to meet people from all over the world coming to and from the grand canyon! it was fascinating but a certainly never would have been brave enough to get into a car and take them anywhere! your awesome! a working man's super hero! i am predicting a movie contract! (:

  4. Loving your blog! With my blog I've taken the "writing about work" angle as well, but having my personal take on everything at the same time. I'm relatively new to the blogging thing. I always check out the blogs of note. Congratulations on that! I love how you write, its so easy to read. All the photos make it that much easier to get into the stories.
    From Kirst in Queensland, Australia.

  5. Its clear why this is a notable blog. I shall note it and follow it. You write well: an easy style that makes one feel like you're just talking. I look forward to getting to know your town and its people! Best wishes from South Africa.

  6. followed your blog:]

  7. My god, so many new commenters. It looks like these people have been following you in the background for some time, shy acolytes waiting to make their presence felt. You truly have worldwide appeal. I wish I was able to inspire this devotion with my blog. I have to work very hard to get my commenters, and to keep them interested. I guess some people just have it... I am so envious..

  8. cute picture of baby!

    The emotional roller coaster is never so exposed as when a break up from the heart occurs.

    Hope your week is better!

  9. Wow ,If you only knew.
    Are some of you guys mind readers? Roller coaster!

    A while ago I as taken by a comment from a guy in Japan who looked forward to my blog every day. He was a student in Dublin.

    I guess the net has done a lot to unite the world.Long may it continue.

  10. I loved the drag queen pics. Kudos from Portland, Oregon, USA.

  11. Sweet!! CONGRATS on both our blogs being blogs of note today at

  12. Found you on blogs of note and have to say you are deserving of such honors! Fun blog! I would love to write about my work place but I don't think people would love my photos..I work in an operating room..I'll be back to visit often!

  13. LOve reading your blog!! Hope when I come to Dublin for a visit...I am blessed to have you has my cab driver!!