Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day off ? Not me

Scary lady(It turned out she was not quite so scary)

Viva Brazil the Metro paper agents..

Free bike relocation truck.

Wow what do you think of the lady in black?
She has a blue tongue and is very mysterious.
I took a photo of her and she got down from her carriage and gave me a black envelope and a big hug.
Then I asked her what it was all about.
She is protesting about corruption in government and about child abuse. Then I said I had supported John Avers hunger strike (Look at May 29) "Me too" she said. And we were soul mates. "Come with me to the GPO to protest" I declined and I got a lift to the Central Remedial Clinic in Clontarf with a guy from Kuwait we had a great conversation and while he finished his business I had a cup of tea in my house and then brought him back to town. A well educated man from a different cultures it was a voyage of discovery for me.
When I dropped him off a Blond girl waved to me. I looked behind me to see if she was waving at anyone else, no it was me ! and there was the lady in black all in normal clothes with John Ayres beside her. So we chatted and had coffee. A while afterwords a guy joined us who knew Searon from the time they were in Haiti together, he was a chef, then we looked at photos of the disaster, what a mess.
You can go to Facebook: united revolt of 2010
Then I brought John Ayres home and collected my son and his mates and brought them all home.
On My return to the rank I met a lady from New York who is now living in Galway I spoke about how safe New York was and she told me that her son who is now 22 had been offered drugs many times while at school in Galway. But never ever when he was in America. Drugs are everywhere here.
My last fare of the day was a clynical psychologist.
"If you don't stop asking me questions you will have to give me your taxi!"

I am posting a lot more often than I normally do so as to hold on to a few more of my new new visitors.Yes YOU !

We Are Not Human Beings Going Through a Temporary Spiritual Experience;
We Are Spiritual Beings Going Through a Temporary Human Experience!


  1. you guys have metro there, we have a free newspaper called metro in Vancouver BC, and they where green very similar, weird... love that carriage girl

  2. Interesting!!! I love every post! Keep them coming!!!!

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  4. Yeah , I was surprised at my last visit to Ireland a few years back and I was offered many drugs...Limerick, Sligo, Belfast, in NYC, they are everywhere , but YOU need to do the asking if you want some. However years ago the city was completely crime ridden and everywhere you went you were offered anything from guns, drugs or a free cable box...Hansom carriage driver sure would make a lot of money here in the city ! LOL Great post !

  5. Thanks, it is really nice to see new posts, they cheer me up. I enjoy trying to spot the places in your photos too. But don't put yourself under too much pressure to post as I would hate for your inspiration to run out & the blog to close down.

  6. Thanks for posting: every day is so different. I admire your interest in the people you transport and see: you're not just going through the motions of a workday, you're truly alive to every moment. It doesn't matter how often or how seldom you post: I'll read them all!

  7. thanks for posting, its really funny

  8. Suddenly I need a Hamlet. That was great!

    BTW, would love to see more individual passengers. Something about them is so unique!

  9. My son is going to be in Dublin in a few weeks. I hope he has a chance to ride in your taxi. Great Blog.

  10. This is really a cool blog!

    ~Inspiring youth of today

  11. Very much enjoy reading your posts. What is the thing the Lady in Black is holding?

  12. Keep the posts coming!

  13. ALS Its a wooded spoon with 44X written on it. It was 44 days since John started his hunger strike. She had theatrical snakes, "drive the snakes from the banks, the government, the church and out of corporations"..
    Shock tactics.!
    Jarett, I don't like to stick cameras in peoples faces ,even for you. But I will tell something without being too personal or intrusive.
    Keep the comments coming !
    You are awesome DUDES.

  14. Love the last few lines of your blog very interesting....

  15. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Very cool your blog, please come to work here in Brazil. We are in need of taxi drivers better.

  16. Thanks for the answer, John! There is a fellow here in our small New England town who walks about day after day in front of the post office holding a many feet long paper with lots of writing on it in bold black marker. . .the Lady in Black (and you!) just may inspire me to approach him and ask him about it.

  17. Funny video! Laughed a loud. Guys please be careful of girls..thanks for sharing this with me! still laughing..cheers

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