Saturday, December 11, 2010

12 to go

I suppose the pictures tell it all.
The repro man is banging on all the wrong doors, all the fat cats are warm and snug in their winter retreats with their bonus safely in their Swiss accounts.
That road is near Celbridge and when you meet another the snow tracks pull you towards the on coming traffic..
More snow to come next week.

Safe driving.


  1. I trust in the process of life
    There is a rhythm and flow to Life, and I am part of it. Life supports me and brings to me only goods and positive experiences. I trust the process of life to bring me the highest good.

  2. "The Secret" seem to be following me !!!!!!!

  3. Great photos! Those houses are amazing. Love the photo of the elf I am assuming at "Santa's workshop".
    Safe Driving!!

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM

    it seems so beautifull
    I miss so much the snow!!
    now I'm doing a tour in argentina and here now it's summer and you can't imagine how high is the temperature here.... I can't stand feeling so hot and not having a boyfriend (LOL)
    well... anyway very nice, and in my case, although argentina is beautifull right now I'd prefer being there