Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Deja vous- again

A bed being carried down Georges St.

Not more suds in the fountain!

Clearing the snow away to be ready for the new fall.

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So there is more snow forecast.
My daddy told me that if the snow hides around the corners it is just waiting for more snow to take it away !

So be like the boy scouts, be prepared.

If you are like me you wear a watch that costs €30 to €40, but then as long as it tells the time it is good enough.

Then there are other folks who are slaves to fashion.

Bernie Ecklestone is the boss of of F1 the racing organisation.
His Hubolt watch was stolen cost a mere £220,000 Sgt. So what did he do ?
He made an advert.

I wonder if they replaced it for him.

He could have housed a couple of hundred families through Habitat for humanity with that money.

It is strange what some people think is important.

I had a "dolly bird" in the car when the news came through on the radio that Mother Theresa of Calcutta had been awarded the Nobell prize. When I explained to the airhead who she was she said.

"Why did they do that,she is really ugly".

What good is beauty without brains!

The other day I picked up a guy who was trying to stop cars going the other way.
I blew the horn and he hopped in. It is a pity I didn't look more closely before I let him in.
He was a short stocky lad and he was out of his mind. His destination?
Kevin St garda station..Me brother's in trouble on fire arms charges.
Then he started asking me for the telephone number of the garda station.
Then he tried to ring 999.
From a mobile you have to ring 112. Then they wouldn't tell him the number or put him through. He got really agitated and angry, so I slowed the car right down and turned to face him, I told him to sit back and shut the fuck up or I would punch his lights out, I was not one bit impressed with his hard man act.

He came back to earth and we arrived at the Garda station.7.20 on the clock.
I said give me €5 and he handed me €2 and walked off.

Now I should have walked in after and got the rest of the money in the police station.

But when you are tired you make mistakes.

He might have had a knife or worse, you never know, he is a crazy guy he should not be walking the streets, even while on bail.

The police are investigating the death of a Polish man as I write, it is not believed to be a racest attack, but too many people are carrying knives at present.

Once I was in Terenure Garda station when I met the famous "Viper" one of Dublin's luckiest criminals.

He has survived 3 or more hits.

He is really small but I would say he is a really hard nut.
He was running a debt recovery agency at the time, he was at the police station to give himself an alibi while his heavies went collecting on his behalf.

A true gangster will allways look after the taxi driver, they cannot go around in their own cars, so they appreciate the annominity that a taxi gives them.

My wife went shopping the other day and she did not have much cash, she uses cards.
When she went to collect the car she gave €1 to the beggar, then she went to get the car she was a euro short. She had given our son €50 before she went out.
She asked 3 men if they could help her.

The men in suits just walked away.

Then a nice lady helped her and they both had a great conversation on the way to their cars.

Whatever kind of bad Karma the men in suits are storing up for themselves you can just imagine.

I hope Santa was watching.

On the radio today there was an appeal on behalf of a girl who got food poisning while in Vietnam, then she contracted encofelitus (Swelling of the brain) followed by strokes. She is in a private hospital in HoCheMin city and it is costing more than €1,000 a day.

She had travel insurance but the insurance Co won't pay up.

Now they need to bring her home by air ambulance and that costs €160,000.
So if you go here(they said the website was but I will check it out}. and donate €2 or €5 she may get home.
Good news she is be flown home in the gevernment jet !

The guy wanted to say the name of the insurance co. but he couldn't for legal reasons.
I for one would like to know why her cover would not pay out.
It could be anyone i the same situation.


  1. how raging would you be if that did happen when you cleaned the snow of your car

  2. Great post!!! Such great stories and such great wisdom!
    I love the picture of the back of a truck that says "If you can read this, you're an eejit!" Love it! What a grand word..."eejit"!!
    Glad you were safe with the crazy man in your cab. Dangerous job you got there!
    Hey if I ever make it to Dublin, can I request your cab? We can't do that in the states, just curious if I could there.
    Have a good one!!