Monday, December 13, 2010

13th Dec. 1978

On this day a drunk died on the streets of London, unknown he was buried in a paupers grave.
Later on they found out it was the great boxer Jack Doyle.
On hearing the news his ex manager had his body brought home to Youghall to be given a proper buriel.

Fame is a 2 edged sword it can open doors and when you start to believe your publicity you can find yourself dropped from the heavens to earth with a great thud.

All the Sunday papers were talking about Gerry Ryan who died from a heart attack which they believe was caused from snorting cocane.

Sadly for his wife and children his life insurance will not now pay up!
They face the prospect of loosing their home after Christmas.

So the life of the celebs is a fragile one, Susan Boyle is only on the edge of keeping herself together and there are many many others.

If you have a loved one abusing substances you and they alone cannot deal with it look to get help.

But the person themselves must feel that there is a problem and they need to want to stop.

So here is the story of great dreams fulfilled and a life destroyed by addiction.


  1. Thanks for the lift today. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a poignant post. I think the message is really that we should not envy others, because even the great have their setbacks, tragedies or fall into obscurity. What do you think?