Wednesday, December 01, 2010

What a day.

And its getting worse!

He must have been a very big snowman

The kids are happy they have one snow day off after another.

A young girl going to the RDS to the craft fair was talking about how negative thoughts bring on negative events. Had I ever heard the theory ?
Well I have known for years that posetive thoughts and actions create a good aura which in turn attracts good things.
She had read a book called "The secret".

It has been called Karma among other things. "You make your own luck"
Now if I share it with you will it still be a secret?

Well here is the movie.

And here is the book

Look guys sitting around moaning will get you no where.
Improve your lives through education.
I once gor a tip of £80 Stg just from taking an interest in one of my passingers.

Now I have done more for other people and got no reward.
But secretly I knew that they were just buying trouble for themselves.

So have a nice life until we meet again.


  1. Those roads look like an adventure covered in ice and snow. Safe driving!

  2. Just 2 things.
    I am looking at that movie and I am thinking Amway or Scientology..BUT you can still grab the idea and run.
    The roads are sheets of ice.
    On one of the photos you can see the headlights reflecting on the ice.

  3. Don't break a leg while heading for a hot coffee ! ;) Nice photos Johnny !

  4. I am very unhappy with my coffee babe. Three times it is luke warm. She is from Mauritius.
    Perhaps when I go there I will drink iced tea!
    c'est la vie it's hard to make an old man happy !