Sunday, December 19, 2010

Schools out

Begging in the snow Ballsbridge.

New apartments in Cork St

New post codes By Garmin?

Ready to attack. One side good, the other bad!

The gates into the Kings Inns

A 2CV Dolly looking good

Friday night was a good night for taxis.
The unis ended and most places went for a pint after work.

I didn't go to the ranks. I cruised around like a shark, picking up here and there.
In this festival of excess you have to pick your customers with care.

Girls are worse than men for getting sick, I once had one vomit down the back of my shirt, what she thought she was doing escapes me.
Guys open the door or window, or even shout stop!

Girls falling asleep can be very dodgy. You dare not touch them to wake them up, so you take them to the Garda station where they will oblige you with a wake up call and get you a destination.

Ah, but that is the negative side.

This year on the whole the people were very sober, strange to say I met 4 of the most intelligent women that I have ever met all last weekend.
A lot of people have gone back to college to re skill, now they are looking for a wider view of the world.
I guess with the recession people are not entering into this mad drinking spree that was so much of the "Celtic Tiger" years.

The courts were busy last week too and the case that is being taken by the TTnH was listened to, we now have a date for a judicial review on the 19 th Jan.
We blocked the streets, we marched to the office of the taxi regulator all to no avail.
Now the politicians who ignored our calls are coming to ask for out vote.
Well my dog is ready to chase them.

While we are the subject of the courts. Did you hear the story about the lad from Iran who has been granted leave to stay in the UK ? Well it is because he has established a network of friends there and if he was deported his civil rights might be compromised.
He has been disqualified from driving, then found guilty of driving while disqualified without insurance. Then he killed a young girl and ran off while she lay dying under his wheels....And as that was not bad enough he has been caught driving again.

Ah to be honest I am so fed up with RTE and all the negative spin they give everything.
Nothing I ever did caused this to happen. It was a 3 way golden circle. developers giving money to politicians who allowed huge developments funded by the banks.
I have been saying that this would all end in tears 5 years ago, anyone who looked at the situation would have seen it coming.
So don't tell me that reducing carers for the elderly and reducing the unemployment benefit will solve the problems.
Read my lips "Debt for equity" If those words were used instead of bailing out the banks the situation would be very different, there would be no bankers getting a bonus. I do think there would be people going to jail instead.

Unless, Unless the politicians could be linked into the transfer of millions of euro.
Well if that were the case we would have to pay them off to keep them quiet.

Another priest is off to jail last week, Fr.Tony Ward abused children for more than 20 years,with the churches knowledge.
The church has so much evil inside it now that you might wonder if Satin himself is running the Vatican.
It is very hard for the good clerics to minister with so much evil in their midst's.
I do hope the police will at last prosecute the bishops who failed to pass on information to the Garda.

Here is a clip which kinda shows the lack of respect the youth have for the church today.


  1. I don't know what RTE stands for in Ireland, but your take on the recession and bank bailout is the same one that many of us have here in the US. And in South Carolina, they're also proposing draconian cuts to Medicaid-funded elder care, hospice, etc. Politicians with church affiliations are doing this. You may be right about Satan...

  2. RTE is the national broadcaster. have a look at www,
    The world is going a little mad at present.
    There are still a lot of wonderful people around, its just that the bad people shout louder.