Monday, December 20, 2010

Girl missing

Foreign workers picket Dunnes Stores HQ. Equal pay for equal work.

Our snow covered statue from Easter Island.

Girl gets into taxi and vanishes. read here

I hope it turns out well, but I have written to the taxi regulator, the Garda and the Garda ombudsman about the unlicenced taxi drivers working in this city. They assured me that they are on top of the situation, or that it is not in their remit.
How can someone be driving a taxi with no knowledge of the city and with forged papers be allowed to drive away without being arrested.

I pray it works out well.

On the other hand for my Polish readers.
Garda- Apel do swiadkow zabojstwa Dublin 12/12/2010

Gardai/Policja w swords, co. Dublin apeluja o pomoc w celu wyjasnienia okolicznosci zabojstwa mezczyzny w wieku poznych lat 20'tych.

Gardai prosza o kontakt osoby, ktore miedzy godzinami wieczornymi a 11'go grudnai agodzinami rannymi 12'go Grudnia byly obecne w The Wright Venue, Airside Retail Park, Swords i ktorych informacje moga byc pomocne w dalszym dochodzeniu.

Gardai rowniez prosza o kontakt dwoch taksowkarzy, ktorzy miedzy 3'cia a 3.30 rano 12'go Grudnia mieli kurs z Airside Retail Park do richmond Road z dwoma Polskimi pasazerami. Pasazerowie ci wysiedli pomiedzy richmond Road a Leydens Cash and Carry. Ktokolwiek inny kto byl w poblizu Richmond Road i kto widzial wspomniane taksowki w tym czasie, rowniez jest proszony o kontakt Z Policja/Gardai.

Gardai/Policja rowniez prosza o kontakt osobe/osoby, ktore 12'go Grudnia okolo godzinby 3.45 rano zostawily zmarlego w szpitalu Rotunda.

Jako czesc dochodzenia Gardai sprawdzaja liczne miejsca w tym mieszkania i pojazdy w okolicach Richmond Road.

Sekcja zwlok zostala dokonana i jej wyniki zostaly przekazane oficerom zajmujacym sie ta sprawa. Rodzina zmarlego z Polski zostala rowniez skontaktowana.

Ktokolwiek inny kto moze byc pomocny w tej sprawie jest proszony o kontakt z Gardai/Policja w Swords pod numerem 01- 666 4700, Policyjna Linia Zufania (Garda Confidential Line) 1- 800- 666- 111 lu jakakolwiek stacja Garda/Policji. W szczegolnosci proszeni sa Polscy obywatele, ktorzy moga miec jakiekolwiek przydatne w tym sledztwie informacje.

From the website, it is strange that they do not put it in English as well.

If you are of a delecate disposition read no further.

Drink and office partys can be fun, sometimes things can get out of hand, sometimes with tragic results.

I was heading back into town when w group of excited women came out of a pub in Harolds cross, stopping 3 taxis...Then it was who was to go with whom, "Do you know xxxx Rd?" and off we went.
The talk was normal for a while then this massive beast appeared in the car.
The man said "What t fuck do you know about pressure,I am under pressure, my wife lost twin boys a couple of years ago. Almost full term they died and she had to give birth to them. They didn't even do a section on them, beautiful twin boys identical twins"
We were shocked by this statement and she tried to plicate him.
"Things happen to us all I have had awful betrayel in my life, but you have to deal with it".

But he wasn't finished "my father in law died of a heart attack and 6 months later I was helping my wife's younger brother on the farm when he got caught in the farm machienery.
I pulled him out and brought him back to the house to wait for the ambulance which never came.
There was one ambulance to cover the whole area and they were dealing with some bastard who had a broken arm. There was no method of prioratising the call.

He bled to death in my arms.

So you see my wife has lost twin boys, her father and her brother in less than a year".

After much argument which had no logic to it we arrived at the party.

I said that it would be no shame to look for help as everyone is still suffering.

But no, he was going to the party and he wanted my number to collect him later.

I told him to ring a local taxi company, it was nothing personal but I could be 30 miles away when he wanted to come home.

I took it from his remarks that he did take it personally.


  1. je ne parle pas l'anglais mais je suis avec vous dans votre galere
    un taxi francais

  2. OH dear! You must hear a lot of stuff while driving. Sorry you had to be subject so someone's tirade, even if he was going through a difficult time.
    Don't know Polish, but it was still fun trying to sound out the words.
    Be safe and have a Merry Christmas!

  3. Hope they find the girl! I was driving a taxi in Tampa, Florida, USA when the Sunshine Skyway Bridge went down (you can read about it on the internet). Thankfully no cabbies were on the bridge, but 40-some people fell about 200 feet to their watery death. Even though one span was later opened before a new bridge was built, it still scared me to have to cross it. So senseless! As Tiny Tim says, "God be with us all". Netagene in Birmingham, Alabama, USA and at

  4. Hi Netagene. Over here the bridges are all numbered and inspected. But last year a bridge did collapse just after a train pased.
    What was the cause ? Well the previous report was not read or passed on to the next inspection team, they had put an urgent notice on it regarding erosion at the base of the suppot.
    No she has not turned up yet.

  5. I heard an amazing story today, which is why I am posting it.
    I was abroad until yesterday and knew nothing of the missing girl until today.
    About one year ago the same thing happened to another girl, and the black taxi driver
    took off in the wrong direction (towards Wicklow) after locking all the doors of the car.
    The girl was petrified with fear.
    The driver stopped at traffic lights and lucky for her, a Garda car coincidentally pulled up alongside him.
    The girl was so petrified with fear she could not bring herself to even bang on the window to try and attract attention.
    Luckily for her the driver panicked and went off when the lights were still red.
    The police chased him and he was arrested and the girl released.
    Her parents however refused to allow her to press charges,and being very influential lawyers, they had the whole matter hushed up.
    I am assured of the veracity of this story.!

    If it is true, it could be the same driver-unlikely of course, as new bogus Nigerian/Chinese/Congolese drivers are being uncovered weekly, and deported.
    The Gardai are in a slight panic, fearing that news of the chaotic lack of supervision in the industry may leak out to the media.
    They do not have to issue details of how many such drivers they have uncovered and deported in the past year.
    A blanket of secrecy shrouds all their activities (no Freedom of Information Act applies to the boys in blue) which is very convenient in situations like the latest disappearance..

    Thus the "Taxi Regulator"-another Fianna Fail "jobs for the boys" quango is shielded from all criticism and blame.

    I am intrigued that the Gardai feel sure that there has been no foul play.

    Does Blaithnaid Timothy suffer from some type of mental illness/lapse of memory.? Has she disappeared before for periods of time such as now?

  6. Over the years I have been told tales about Bogus taxi drivers by my passingers. If the regulator turns up at the train station a few taxi drivers pull off, surley stopping those drivers should be a priority?
    So I wrote to the Garda to no avail.
    Then to the taxi regulator.
    Then in the summer I contacted the Garda ombudsman then I sent a few more e mails asking why they did not awnser any of my queries ? I think I copied off the e mails and posted them in.
    Then I got a name and after "much thought" the office told me that unless I had a spacefic complaint against an indivudal member of the forcee they could not deal with my concerns.
    After 5 or 6 attempts I spoke to the lady concerned.
    My last words to her were. "No one will do their job here. But I will bet you if nothing is done someone will be killed or seriously assaulted by one of theese illegal drivers before Christmas. In fact I will bet you €100 that it will happen, all you have to do is accept the bet and do your job and prevent it happening."
    This was met by scilence, but it is not her job.
    So here we are.

  7. interesting thought... :) .

  8. Anonymous7:56 PM

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