Friday, October 07, 2011

Darker mornings.

I went into the Oktoberfest tonight to have a look, loads of people, beer and sausages.
The recession must be over !

On the work side I picked up 2 guys from the Cork train this morning. They were tough as tough can be "Langers" is a word that came to my mind.
North circular rd. mister.
Its a long road, which end are you going to.
North circular Rd. mister said the other guy.
Where abouts on the North Circular Rd. are you going to? Its a long road.

Oh I see St. Patricks (juvenile detention center)
They had come to visit a pal who had been sent away.

On Friday I picked up an old regular customer, a Polish girl. She had changed her hair and I nearly didn't recognize her.
As she was getting out I said a very strange thing.
I wonder what kind of person I will pick up next?. To which she said. I hope it will be someone nice. Then I said, Perhaps it will be little red riding hood going to her grandmas house.
Down in Mount brown a girl with a red shawl over her head waved me down, she had red hair as well. I told her what I had said to my last passenger. I had better look closely at grandma when I get there so.
She was a financial controller for a large store.
The next guy was a financial adviser to a large telecommunications firm. He spoke about Nick Leeson the rogue trade who brought down Bearings bank.He knew him, he lives in Galway now, it is odd how he not only knew of him, but he had talked to him many times.
Trading floors are still policed in a very lax manner today. Look at the massive losses in UBS bank a few weeks ago. Even the smallest sweet shop in the land would have some way to prevent such a happening.
But little has changed as he said.
Today I picked up a lady on Whitworth Rd going to East Wall Rd. A couple of phone calls to arrange babysitters and she turned off the phone. Said she was sorry, but she had to get things fixed. She was off to her brother in laws funeral. 60 years old, dropped dead on Tuesday.He had had a heart attack earlier but continued to smoke and drink. Then he just keeled over dead. Me sister is in bits.
Still he had plenty of warnings to mend his ways.
Sad part is that all her kids have left the home, now she has an empty house, I can't get any of mine to move out. Now there's grandchildren as well.
Even 60 is not a bad age, there is nothing worse than burying a child.
Jesus you're right there my little girl was a week off her 8Th birthday when we buried her. She is at peace beside my mother in Glasneven. The only good thing about today is that I will spend some time at the grave.
Here we are now 8 euro. There's a 10 keep the change and God bless you.

There is a lot of humanity in decent working class Dublin women. Salt of the earth.

2 girls for Uruguay in the taxi tonight, not bad looking at all.
What do you know about Uruguay?
Well in Montavedo a young music student gave a transcript of a tune he had written to a local tango band. That song he then sold the copyright for the price of a packet of cigarettes.This tune is the most popular Tango tune in the world today.
Bravo ! You are a very wise taxi driver.
Here is a very good clip for you.

I bet you won't be able to guess what happens next !

So I went on youtube to see Dave Young ?

Yes he is there
The next time we meet he will be buying the tea, again.

Here's a piece I found about an English horse fair.

You see there are good Gypsies and the forth coming war on Chalk Farm will paint all Irish travellers as scum.

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