Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brazil taxi

If you click on the link for Brazil taxi you can read this story in it origonal form.
Until today I couldn't follow it until I found Google translate.

This story shows me how lucky I am, I hope you are lucky too.

Chronicle of an abandonment

It was past midnight, the taxi driver John Person down the avenue when he saw the couple making a sign on the sidewalk. The man was holding a guitar case, a woman, clinging to his arm, looked cold.

He was a musician, had left the bar he was playing in to solve a problem with the woman. He tried to convince her that she had done the right thing. He was married, she needed to understand. He promised he would get the money she needed. Had taken a loan. The proceeds would she buy a shack in the village. He also promised her a job in a firm friend. Everything would be fine.

She said nothing, she was drugged, doped. He tried in vain to dry up a runny nose that ran down his nose. Dry eyes. It was not cold, it was cold. She wept in silence.

The man spent the money for the race and asked the taxi driver take the woman home to Garden Village. Before landing, embraced her at length, asked her to take the medicine and slept as much as possible. He swore he loved her.

She was not home. He asked the taxi driver to take her to a brothel in the neighborhood Navigators. There, the girls already waiting at the door. When the woman told what she had done, the prostitutes are mad. Neither the left of the cab. Play all embarked and sent to Joao Pessoa Avenue, before it was too late.

The women all spoke the same time. They said he could not get any money, no job, he would disappear from her life. She could be a whore, junkie, not home, but had friends. They will find a way.

The woman was stunned. I did not know what was the exact container - the damn garbage containers were all the same. Fortunately the truck collection had not yet passed.

A taxi driver and four prostitutes in a desperate search for multiple containers, until they found the newborn child, abandoned, innocent, sleeping between the plastic bags as if nothing had happened.

Posted by Mauro Castro
Sunday, October 16, 2011


  1. Oh you !
    I can't believe that no one made a comment about that poor girls plight?
    The reality of peoples lives in the slums of Brazil iv very dark.
    Perhaps that child might grow up to be the saviour of the world. I hope at leas the child has a good life.
    I spoke with a frend from Brazil today, sadly, she said it happens frequently.

  2. Hello, John!
    Thank you for visiting Taxitramas and the comment.
    Yes, the reality in Brazil is very cruel, I believe that much different from yours. Cases of children abandoned, unfortunately, are common here ...
    Há braços!!

  3. I believe it. Miami is much the same environment for all intents and purposes.

  4. Yes JD, the devil has a good foothold in many places