Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Broom Bridge Cabra

Christmas is coming !
Aldi and Lidl have had Christmas cards, puddings and cakes on the shelves for the last 4 weeks.
My house is full of clutter and the long haul begins to tidy up for the big day!
Yes folks it all begins NOW.
One of the best tips you could ever get for this time of year is to empty your freezer and clean it out.
This time of the year you will have power cuts, as a result you may loose the contents.
This the hot tip !
There will be bargains as Christmas approaches. Plus you will have room for your Goose.

What about this for a coincidence?
I picked up a lady in Stoneybatter with a load of shopping.
I had to say to her that I found her accent had me puzzled.
It was mostly Irish, but there was something in the mix, I had to ask.
I have lived here for 17 years, I am Swiss.
I came here to look after 3 children long ago.
Now I have 3 children of my own.
I brought her up to Cabra park and headed of to Cross Gunns Bridge where I clicked again. "Go back this way" she said. She gave me a destination which I did not recognise. So I pumped her for more information. Then it clicked! Broom bridge station.
She was trying to go to Manooth by train and the station in Drumcondra was closed. She wanted to get cash and when she went into a local shop I asked one of the local deadbeats where exactly the station was. They told me that the station was closed owing to flooding.
So when she came back I told her that we could go to Broombridge and it may be closed or, we could go to Ashtown station which was operating.
So we went to Ashtown.
She had an accent.
Where was she from?
Why do you ask ?
I am from Switzerland I have lived here for 22 years.
Now she too had an Irish accent except for the letter D, that was slightly different

I really love when you hear some slight inflection in an accent.
Then you find that the person has a past which took them from Peru to Scotland to an education in Oxford.
The result?
An accent rich in musical inflections.
One of the best I ever heard was a South African girl who had moved to Scotland when she was 16 or so.
What a beautiful accent, it was music to the ear.

Such is my life, like a bee sucking nectar from the different flowers which come my way. Without that I think I would give up.

Do you know the importance of Broom Bridge to the world?
Well, there was a famous scientist caller William Rowan Hamilton who was walking with his wife along the canal. He had been working on a formula and he had a Eureka moment!, but he had no paper to write down the formula.
So he scratched it on the side of the bridge before he forgot it.
The theory is very important to science.
Look here
So there you are.

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