Sunday, October 23, 2011

A very stormy night !

The Sam Beckett bridge at night, not too bad a photo.(click on it to enlarge)

A Danish sail training ship

When you buy a bike you must buy a good lock or it might get stolen!
Everything was stolen but the frame .

And now an app for your fone to tell you how long the next bus will be.

Tonight we have gale force 9 on all coastal waters, sailings canceled, OH THE LIFE ON THE OCEAN WAVE !

Tears in Paris while there is dancing in the streets of Wellington New Zealand.

Such is the world of sport.

France 7 New Zealand 8 Rugby world cup comes to an end.

Did you ever see this clever advert for Toyota ?.

Last week there was a woman knocked down by a car.
This week a young guy ran straight into the path of a truck !

It must have been very bad because they closed the quays and brought the emergency services up against the flow of traffic.

I had come into the situation after dropping off a chef on Sycamore St. then I came out by Fitzpatrick's pub. My new passinger was very glad to see me.
"Quick down to the four courts,I might be late, there was a fucking eejit back there who ran head first into the path of a truck,he didn't even glance to where he was going. He bounced twice on the road he got such wallop,he won't be getting up again!"

Such a heartless reaction to a person probably being killed,a big contrast to last week.The lady that time was so upset by what she saw that she wanted to abandon her trip to England.

As Colombo might have said."Just one other thing"
The Jaguar E type is 50 years old this year, If you have ever seen the Jaguar XK it would remind you of it BUT IT WOULD BE A LOT BETTER THAN THE E TYPE
There is one featured Snday Toimes motoring section. There is often one parked in Sandymount Green. I spoke to the owner one day and he told me that I would be surprised at how little a second hand one would cost.
But with fuel the price it is a 4.2 litre engine would drink fuel and tax and insurance would be a nightmare. Lets leave it to the Clarkesons and the J Lenos of this world.
Still a nice car

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