Monday, October 17, 2011

Taxi driver beats the tabloids ?

A Dutch style house in Youghall

The Irish navy is in town.

A tight little alley

A modern build

Oktoberfest beer garten

There is defiantly a shift to winter today.
The fantastic blast of warm weather from last week is well gone.
I was up in Northern Ireland yesterday, we had planned to go to see the Giants Causeway, but we decided to wait for a time when the weather would be better.
Still,it is good to see the folks again.

On the driving front ?
The schools are long back and people are on the move in the mornings again.
Also the teachers who drive taxis in the summer are back teaching again.

Big news with regard to people renting taxis.
There is to be a big tightening up of that side of the industry.
At present one guy goes in to rent a taxi and 5 people drive it in relays, only one person is really insured. It is so dangerous and so SO wrong.
Still this industry is like living in a game of Chinese whispers, loads of rumors and nothing happens,but I do hope this aspect of taxi life is tightened up soon.

Johnny Walker is 76, still driving his taxi and refereeing foot ball matches.
I met his brother today, he told me that Johnny was in Spain for a birthday party, refereed 2 football matches at the weekend and flew to Sunderland today. He is still one of the main wheels which turn for the taxi drivers special day out for children.
Not bad at all for 76.

Up at the Westbury rank a taxi driver came around the corner and saw that there was no space to pull in, so as he drove around the small block he saw a space at Starbucks, but before he could pull in another car shot into the space. The taxi then noticed that there was now a space on the very end of the rank and drive into it. He shouted over to the guy who had darted into the space that he should be proud of his driving. The taxi driver locked his car and was heading off for tea when he was head butted so badly that he was knocked out. Thank God the other taxi drivers saw it all and caught the fucker before he made his escape.
The taxi driver as well as being concussed has a compound fracture of his thumb.
The assailant was of perhaps Moroccan origin. He has created a load of trouble for himself for sure.If he has no work permit his boss will suffer as well as the taxi drivers knew where he worked.

At the O2 on Saturday I picked up a girl going to the ferry, she was panting, though not out of breath. Then she told me of her plight.
She thought she could walk from Connelly station to the boat and set off along the quays.
As she passed by the Milano restaurant she heard a horrible scream and she turned in time to see a woman's body being flung into the air and it went right over a car and landed on the ground with an awful thud.
Whether the woman ran out from behind stopped traffic, or whether the car which struck her had broken the lights she could not say. She was in a bad state of shock.

Pedestrians walk blindly into traffic, cyclists go through red lights and accidents happen.

So lets take it easy.

Like the guy who jumped into the taxi at the Sunset House going to Vincents hospital. "Hurry hurry I am late"
I have a new policy on this, since the last time.
I told him that if he wanted to try another taxi he was welcome to leave with no charge, but that I was breaking no speed limits or red lights for him.
But we made it in good time in spite of him stopping me from making 2 good short cuts.
The cost was €11.90.
He hands me a €20 note and says "Just give me €10 back, because I am now late"
Well need I say my reply was mostly in a form of French which is the preserve of Algerian sailors. Then he headed off with a fist full of the smallest denomination coins that I could find in my coin holder.
I shouted after him that I would drive past him if I ever saw him again.
(Which none of us could ever afford to do)

Is this a first? Even before the tabloids?

A young couple were getting married and they had booked a castle for the event,
Then the hotel rings them up to say that another party wanted the castle for the same date.
Would they move to a different venue?
The other party would make it worth their while.
They said NO !
Then an offer of money came if they moved the event.

They still said NO ! The wedding was arranged and they would stick to their guns.

How much is your house mortgage?


Now I can't say who it is, it's not a wedding it's a christening!
No he is not a film star, he's a footballer and he doesn't play for Manchester United any more.

Is that a first?


  1. your blog is brilliant i have just started reading it and are throughly enjoying it thank you.

  2. Thanks for that !
    I thought I was writing for my own amusement for the last while.