Tuesday, October 25, 2011


If I ever have to live another day I would hope I would never have to live through that storm again. The scary part is that the flooding was caused by blocked drains !
At no point was the flooding caused by the sea jumping on to the road.
A Philippine nurse drowned in her apartment and a young Garda who was off duty died in the deluge as well.

God bless and RIP

When such a crisis occurs you get trapped with people for longer than you might expect, tensions are heightened and they tell you things that they would not tell their lovers !
Its true.
The lady in question was from South Africa she was 40 and now she was pregnant.
She told me of the time she was at university and "Fell" pregnant when she was only 20, I have a beautiful daughter at home.
I came to Ireland to work and one day I met a man. It was like a lightning strike for both of us. I have never thought that I would meet such a man in my life!
My partner and me decided that we would never have any children, but it wasn't just sex we fell in deeply love in a way that you would never dream could happen.
So we decided to have a baby and now thank God I am pregnant. I can deal with any problem, we are living in a dream.
We never have been so happy in our lives.
Now my life begins again, not that my past life was bad, no, but now things are so different now and I pray to God every day for blessing me.

So you enter an immigrant workers life for 1/2 hour and you see another side to your world.

You know people who come here with nothing willing to work,they appreciate the chance thay have, their grandchildren will be giving our grandchildren jobs.

On the other hand the ferries were busy and all the dart services and Luas were in chaos that all kinds of work came our way. I had a few early starts(5.30) and I had to go to bed in the middle of the day.


So at present I am in dry dock as I can't find my battery charger.

I picked up a lady on the coast road, we had met before several times.
As per usual she had to stop for cash on the way. Then into town.
I spoke about the lady and man who had been knocked down last week.

"I think you know my partner" she said
Then she went on to explain that he had been struck by a car while crossing the road.
Broken ribs, vertebrae, skull, leg etc..
He is in a full body cast in hospital.
I should have asked if she had a photo on her fone as I probably did know him.
Some people you meet week after week.
Then they go.

You never know where.

Sometimes you meet them in a bar somewhere and you both stop and think, then walk on.

So you see boys and girls.

Pay attention, if things are bad they might get worse

Then there is The TANGO


  1. I'd say taxi drivers got some fares on Monday night stuck in that traffic with the meter running boy!

  2. Well Sam, I am not so bad.
    In dire situations I often turm off the meter and say I will just leave it at €25. That way the tension drops and you often get the difference back in a tip. There is no point in screwing some poor bastard who is just trying to get home for his/her tea.