Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Smile for the weekend

This should lighten up your day

When I was in London at the magic convention last year Jeff McBride got an award for his new magic show called the Illusionists. Now I didn't think that many people would go to see a magic show never mind to find enough people to fill a stadium. But in Mexico city they ran for 8 days and entertained 42,000 people.
That is a wow!click here to see the next leg of their world tour.
Promo video.

Paul Daniels once told me that "Magic is fun, its about the best fun you can have without taking your clothes off. But I would advise you John to keep your clothes on at all times"

Let us start to live our lives a bit more fully, it is not all about work.

I was talking to Bernie who runs a flower shop beside me. I asked how her Mauritian girl who worked with her was getting on. She told me that she has started a new job in Paris. She then told me that the girls husband dropped dead from a heart attack a while back.
"Just like that, no warning at 41.
So live your life John"

Look who came into the pub last Friday, Elvis!
 But I can't upload the video.

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