Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Lion King

Its the last few days for the Lion King in Dublin.
I went to it last night and if you do not enjoy this show you must really be dead.

The lead singer in this piece has such a strong voice it is fantastic.
Plus she has a very big part in the show.

A taxi driver was coming along the road and in front of him he saw a bus shelter with an advert for the Lion King.
He also saw a Garda motorcycle parked on the footpath.
Just as he got closer A garda stepped forward and stopped him for speeding.
The Garda had been standing in front of the advrt where his high viz jacket blended in perfectly with the poster.
It is like people imitating lions.

Some people would amaze you when you look back.
Example ...I picked him up in Donnybrook and he was going to Dawson St.
When we got there it cost €5.20. He hands me a €10. "Give me back €5" so I give him back €4.80.
The discussion then went on from him how I should have rounded it down to make it €5 change.

It has been 5 years since the last fare review.
Fuel and everything else has gone up, but the high and mighty have decided not to allow any fare increase.
That is all well and good.
But meters have a 5 year memory and have to be updated now.
I think it cost me €50 to have that 2 minutes of work completed.
Then I have to go and have the meter callibrated and sealed.
 I think that cost me €90 plus 1/2 day off work.
So I kept my cool and looked at him in the eye and said.

"Stop waisting everyones time"

Its a good job I am a patient man.

I had a exec from Google and he told me about Kindle publishing and Google publishing.
I had heard that the authors share was very small. (30%)
He told me that if you published through a normal publishing company you would be lucky to get £1 for every £12 book sold.
It is all food for thought, the modern media can boost sales, better 30% of something than 100% of nothing.

Bryn Ferry was on TV the other night doing  a concert from France.
He was in my taxi when "Arthur's Day" was first being celebrated.
I didn't know who he was on the day but he is a really clever and well behaved guy.
Quite a performer as well.
He told off one of the guys in the back seat so well.
The guys phone had rung and he told the person at the other end that something had come up and he couldn't meet him for lunch.
Bryn said
"Let me get this straight. You had a lunch appointment in London, you knew you would be in Dublin and you never let him Know!
Not only is that rude, and arrogant. But you are closing a door to an opportunity.
I know this guy...He will go far, he is on the way up now. When you need him later on    And you will need him.
You will never feature on his list..      Ever
I am sure Peter beside you and John driving the taxi are not one bit impressed by you either"

You could see that Mr Ferry stays where he is by looking after the small details

This looks easy, you should try it !

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