Saturday, June 15, 2013

Another big visitor.

   The road out of Rome 3 lanes each way with 2 lanes on the outside for turning off the straight route.
The lights were coordinated as well.
   Pottery head flower pots, big in Sicily

Just when things started to get back to normal Michelle Obama has come to town and everything has gone into total lock down.
Staying in the Shelbourne Hotel there will be big fun getting around.

My grandson will be one year old tomorrow so I will not be in town for the hasstle.

The law needs help.

A girl with special needs was out jogging with her mother the other day. They got seperated and when they found the girl she had been sexualy asaulted.

Newspaper clip.
Gardaí are appealing for witnesses following an incident in which a woman with special needs was sexually assaulted in Dublin.

The woman in her 20s was on the South Circular Road yesterday afternoon, accompanied by a family member, when they became separated.

Detectives believe the victim was taken to a house in the area where an assault took place.

Gardaí at Kevin Street are appealing for witnesses, or anyone with information, to come forward.

We as taxi drivers are thick on the streets 24/7. Nothing can happen without a taxi being close by.
A programme could be st up on  a computer to send out an SOS to all taxi drivers within a matter of munutes of there being an attack.
I have suggested to several oficials in the Garda and the taxi Regulators office that they do this.
One Garda superentendent told me it would be a breach of confadentiality to set up a data base of drivers numbers without their permission.

So there you have it.

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