Thursday, June 27, 2013

HailO still bringing in the work

   A Sicilian alleyway
    This is a "Virtual" tour guide directs folks by I fone.
     New venture in Wexford St

On Dean St a young guy around 25 years old stopped me.


This is the signal for a drug run.
He was on his phone constantly, "There in 5"
"Are ya ready there in 10"
 "Well tell Anto he has had his chance"
As we stopped at each pickup point a packet of money was handed over. This was counted as we went and marked into a book before the next stop.
I think we made around 7 pickups and the final drop off was made to Drimnagh where the money was paid over.
Heroin is killing off thousands of people every year in Dublin. There is no solution to it. No end in sight.
Look up Buckingham St from the 5 lamps.
There is a statue of a flaming torch in memory of the hundreds of kids who gave their lives to Heroin from that area.
I see them dealing and shooting up around Abbey st Marlborough st every day. They are brazen in the way they go about it, nothing to fear.
A guy gave me his business card one day. "When you find the solution to the drug problem call me up.
Then we will travel the world giving lectures to thousands of people.
No one knows how to beat drugs"

As I passed through the East point business park I got a HailO call.
I stopped and a guy right beside me put up his hand.
"I can't believe it  ! I just pressed the app and there you were."
2 young ladies from Romania ran up and asked me to call them a taxi as well.
Long story short they shared the taxi to town.
But as we were pulling into Amiens St my phone rang.
"John where are you? we cannot see you"
I had the wrong passengers...What I didn't understand at that point was that I was still holding his HailO application on my phone. So he couldn't call another taxi until I disconnected him.
My passenger who was staying in the Shelbourne hotel paid by AmeX.
2 minutes later the first guy was back on asking me why I had charged the journey to him.
It took some explaining to him that if he looked at the receipt he would see that the numbers on the card were not his.
I drive a yellow taxi with HailO written all over it, he had booked a taxi from a different company.

HailO started in London, then to Dublin  Next thing the World

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