Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hot women

Womens mini marathon.
1000s of really hot women.

Last week I was on my way up to Northern Ireland when I saw this fine lady.
I swung my car around and spoke to the owner.
As you can see by the reg she is 1973 vintage.
I had one of them myself.
My one was right hand drive one of only 40 ever made.
2 cylinder air cooled engine, with a walking stick for a gear change, it was something else to drive.
The problem with them was that there was a misprint in the manual, the wrong Champion plug was shown, I found a Lebanese guy who corrected the mistake for me and went through how to do a complete service.
The suspension was something else, really smooth.
I bought 5 or 6 Dyanes (the car version) afterwards, it was a great concept in motoring history.

This is a bank holiday weekend and there are loads of things going on.
The Cat Laughs comedy festival in Kilkenny and 5the woman's mini marathon, and concerts in the grounds of the Royal hospital Kilmanham.
Oh yes the Bloom festival in the Pheonix park.

Don't forget fathers day.

Drugs are all over this city,,,,
A few days ago I was moving my car and saw a Chinese girl around 20 years old in a very agitated state. Putting 2 and 2 together together quickly I knew that she was waiting to buy a fix.
By the amount of anxiety shown it had to be Heroin she was waiting for.

Heroin reaps a very tragic price for that moment of solace that it first brings

I have to go away for a few days but when I come back I will find out where I can report active drug dealing to.

I know it is all over the city, but perhaps the Garda will act in Fairview.

Poor kid, lonely and sad she found solace..

Now she has only a short step to hell.

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