Friday, June 28, 2013

What should I go to see in Dublin?

I was asked this twice in 24 hours!

Let me see.

First thing is to go to the tourist office beside O'Neills pub in Andrews street.
Get maps and information leaflets about things to do.
I do think they have a Dublin pass (like the one I bought in Rome)
Then get on one of those open top buses which tour the city, the ticket lasts 24 hours and they visit many of the top sights.
Our art galleries are great, depending on your taste.(closed on Monday)
The National gallery has a Carravegio which is a must to go see.
The writers museum at the top of Parnell Sq is really good if that floats your boat.
The Hugh Lane gallery has good stuff.

Chapters restaurant do deals for meals (Early bird) and it is excellent and well worth the money.

When I turned 60  I wanted to treat my friends. But dates would not work out for everyone.
So party 1 was held in the 1014 in Clontarf  Fantastic
Party 2 Chapter one Parnell Sq  Really great
Party 3 The Cellar restaurant at the Merrion hotel..The fish was great.
Party 4 L'Ecrevan in Baggott st I forget what the special was but it was really good.
Party 5 La Cave in South Anne St. You have to downstairs beside Vards furriers Always really good.
Party 6 Chez Max in Baggott St  Yes the French food is great

Look at and get special deals, but I find that the places which give deals are not the best.

No it was not 20 at each party but my friends are the most precious thing I have, so I look after them.

Now in North Great Georges St there is the James Joyce center and across the street there is a coffee shop where the elite literati meet.

I am a very strange person if you know me. I know hundreds of people because I am open to conversation always, in return I am greeted by loads of people all the time, all very strange if you are walking with me and you don't know me.One young lady from Boston asked me if I was a film star or a television personality because everyone wanted to talk to me.

OK, so Parnell St has become our China town, a great place to get a cheap dinner or get your mobile phone fixed. Chinese people are great at techie stuff.

Our National Museum has a vast treasure of Celtic gold artifacts they are really well crafted, and then travel through the rest of the displays and become educated.
Trinity college and the Book of Kells were on Mrs Obamas list as well.
The Zoo and the "Dead Zoo" on Merrion Sq.are great for kids.

Guinness brewery is the biggest atraction in Ireland and the Jameson distillery would also be on your radar.
A brand new attraction opened up "The Irish house party" beside the Tivoli theater on Francis St
This is an all in show with food and music. Its new!
Take a look at the art work around the Tivoli it is really good.
Antique shops further down..I had a Hollywood producers wife down there trying to buy Wainscoting of all things
Take a look at the Brazen Head on Winetavern St and the Merchant on the other side of the road still has traditional Irish dancing..
The Arlington Hotel do an Irish night with dancing food and more.
The comedy clubs could rock your boat.
May I suggest the botanical gardens in Glasneven
Perhaps the Casino in Marino would be your thing,
Perhaps a Tango dance lesson in the Harbourmaster bar would be good or try here

As for drink there are literary walking pub tours and loads more things to do.

Enjoy are on holiday.

Oh yes Riverdance is back in town.
Take a look at this clip with the lovely Jean Butler leading the charge.

Or you could just relax

This is the clip I couldn't find. I think its great.

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