Friday, October 14, 2016

A premature return

Kreativ dental clinic in Budapest
Look at this unfinished apartment block It has been left idle for 10 years.
         A chandelier sits at the front door.
                          Look closely the keys are in the front door.

I am back again!
Not their fault but mine.
I was at the Kreativ (link)dental clinic in Budapest you see.
It is really good.
But I didn't want to say too much about it until my treatment was finished.
The last time I was there they did the groundwork for what was supposed to happen over the next 21 days.
They gave me a letter and I didn't read it.
I was supposed to have 2 extractions in Dublin at least 3 weeks before I went back.

I didn't do it and so they took the teeth out and sent me back home.
Its my own fault.
We all make mistakes.

Thats why God puts a rubber on the end of a pencil, to correct mistakes.

So I was making an unplanned return and needed to get home.
I tried Bus, Train and almost hitching.
But I got a seat from Ryainair for the price of a kings ransom..
Still its 48 hours + any other way.

I am sitting here not sure what day it is.

But tomorrow is another day.

look at this, these are brand new cars and they don't even take out the leather seats.

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