Saturday, October 08, 2016

I am a Millionare at last

Wow I am  Millionaire again !

Yippee But it is only in Florint  the currency of Hungary.

Still if the pound Sterling keeps falling this is what €300  might look like.

I am going away and I had a camera system fitted to my castle.
It records 24/7 and alerts me on my mobile in case of action.
The dog and my son will be here so I really have no worry's.

Cameras are everywhere, in the bank, in the supermarket and on the street.
From last month I have gone back to video recording in the taxi.
When I get around to edit some clips I will show you the action.
A guy from Oman told me that his sister is living with her boyfriend close to the Google complex.
They bought a portable camera system called "Little Bird"
(Remember your mother used to say
"I know what you did  a little bird told me "

The landlord rang them to say that a plumber was coming tomorrow at 11. am and would they be there?
No was the reply but they said it would be OK foe him to let himself in.
The landlord assured the guy that he was dead sound as he had used him for years.

At 11.10 his hidden camera alerted him to a visitor to the apartment. 3/4 hour later he looked through his camera via his mobile fone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck me the assole was dancing around the apartment in the NUDE he was going through the bedroom drawers and acting like a nutcase.

He rang the police and they were very keen to see how this would pan out.
His landlord was also summoned and asked not to ring the plumber on any account.
They entered the apartment  and caught him..

His apartment had been defiled and he is furious.`
There is no logic in this.. You are on camera all the time.

Years ago I picked up a merry girl in Clontarf going to DCU in the early morning, 
I was instructed to bring her via the Ballymun Rd. 
I talked to her and she seemed normal enough until I pulled up at the Collins Ave entrance of the university.
She flipped suddenly and called me a scumbag and how I had driven her around the long route while pretending to be nice to her.
I asked her to sit back down and drove her to the Ballymun Ave entrance to show her that it is entirely sealed off for building work.
Get back in and I will bring you around again. 
She threw a £10 note into the car.
I said here is your change.

Stick your fucking change she said.

I threw the £1 coin back at her and told her that she had more places to stick it than I had.

Then I drove away..

Around 10 am a Garda from the carriage office rang.

Very aggressive he was 
"Get in here you you, abused a lady last night and you are in trouble".

I told him that everything that was said in the taxi was on tape and that I wanted her done for deformation of character. 
So a superintendent came on later. 

We went through it again.

I will ring you back on this.

Its all right she has withdrawn the allegation he said.

Well no its not all right I said.

She took away my good name and without this video you would deprive me of my livelihood.

So after a bit of toing and frowong a compromise was reached, 
She wrote a letter of apology and gave a check for £50 to the woman's rape crisis center.

She was on something and looking at the footage you could srr her eyes rolling back in her head at one point. Something like that movie "The Exercist

The Garda show that footage to trainee Garda . 

The new dash cams are great high definition and infra red as well. 

This is a good US show about how video helps..

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