Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Money worries

 London taxi drivers shelter, just a few left.
 H&M on Dame st. Take a look at the lighting... All L.E.D The red brick building is the Bank pub.
             3 pressure gauges, all gone mad. New batteries sorted it.Front 35psi back 33psi
 A flower display from the Westbury hotel

On my return to Dublin I opened my post to find a letter from the Revenue commissioners.
Not nice at all !
Pay within 7 days or we will call in the Sheriff,take you to court etc.etc.
The money is not due until Nov.10.
I don't mind paying tax as I know that not one red cent will ever be wasted, every cent will be used well and accounted for.

Once I had a man from Persia  (Iran) in the taxi. We were going to pay various suppliers for plumbing and building.
A very very interesting man.
He held a good position under the Shea of Iran and he had to liquidize all his possessions and flee for his life. Gold paintings,artwork and cash were carried 1/2 way around the world and he came here to Ireland. Property was what he knew best, so he bought houses and offices and hotels.
He built up a good team of tradesmen and the work went on.
Then he was accessed for tax.
"You owe us One million and 28 thousand pounds !"
He spoke of how not only was this figure wrong, but that he had invested millions in the country, providing work for many people well into the future.
"But I must pay or there will be trouble"
He said that they had now appointed an accountancy company, something he should have done at the beginning.
He paid the Million and said that he would give them the 28 grand next month. They flipped and told me that the sheriff would come etc. "When I borrowed the balance from a friend then they were asking me where he got the money from?"

My friend next year no tax!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Taxes are for little people"
    Leona Helmsley  Its a link
But Donald Trump and the wealthy evade and avoid tax all the time.
Philip Green of Topshop and,Topman. famously pays no tax. His money is payed to his wife as share bonus, she in a resident of Monaco and the money comes back to him tax free.

Now there are many videos about "New World order""
Just in case you don't know

The moral is stay out of debt.

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