Sunday, October 23, 2016

God is good

 A wonderful sunrise for the early morning people
 Motor for your bicycle? Made in China

Surrounded by Idiots for sure he took the cheap option.
There was no RSJ (Girder)put in and now the building is falling down.
And where is his builder ?.
Gone      !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came to me in the last week.
The children's Cancer doctor from the Philippians. the financial analyst from USA, the actress who has been knocking on the door of fame.
You are wonderful! Keep the faith I am sure you will be a Comet among the stars.
The German and Dutch girls starting in Oracle good luck.
To the guy who told me "What would you know about property?"

I have paid off 5 mortgages in my time sonny and I didn't sell all the houses.

A taxi driver told me to stop using HalO or the tax man would "Clean me out"
What kind of an idiot would under declare his income so that it wouldn't even cover his income from the HailO system?

At the ferry today some drivers would not accept a "Pay with HailO" job because it would show up on their bank account.

You know I have the best job in the world.Really !
I meet people from everywhere, take a slice of their experience, go to another fantastic country.
Then I go home for breakfast.
Honestly I have met people from every corner of the world.
The Amazon jungle ( A wonderful tiny woman) 2 Inuit (Esacamo) lady's from Canada.
Years later I hold them in my heart.
I have only met 2 Native American Indians.

So if you like people taxi driving is great.
If you hate people be a taxman..
You should see the letter they sent me.

Chuck Berry turned 90 !  I went into a coffee shop in Capel St. and told the Barista.

Who is Chuck Berry ?

John Lennon once said.
If there was no word for Rock An Roll
It would just be called Chuck Berry.

Enjoy  the energy of 90 and 66 year old

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
    Funny, caring, sad
    but always unique and thoughtful.