Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Things going worse

 Movie time on Sheriff St
   Sad to see 2 more restaurants closed up
  Cultural institute of Saudi Arabia now in Sheriff St

High rents are closing down places and also "lease expired".
So it was that my coffee shop closed down.
On Sunday the guys working there knew nothing about its closure.
The suppliers will be left hanging with overdue bills.
It is a sad situation.
A few months ago the Loft shop with restaurant overhead closed down on Grafton St. and the staff were not well looked after.
Life can be very hard for a lot of people.

Two mute brothers lived in Bluebell out on the Naas Rd. One was totally dependent  on the other for everything. The provider died and the other brother died weeks later.
No one had been in contact, no checks made by anyone.
It is sad that their next door neighbor didn't even know their names.
Seems like they were having trouble with vandals as well.
A lot of people need to hang their heads in shame.
Garda are investigating why social services were not more involved.
A very sad situation indeed.

I was down around the back of the four courts and at the back of the Capricuan friary where they have soup kitchens there was a group of Romanian gypsies packing food parcels into buggies.
I don't mind destitute people being fed, but this lot were really taking the piss.

Good news in the UK press a solicitor and his wife have been jailed for befriending elderly clients, looking after their affairs and stealing their money..
In Ireland they would have been told to "Say 3 hail Marys and sin no more "
The Beak got most of the money back and sent them both to jail.

Bloody awful how the vulnerable people get caught.

While I am on the subject a customer told me how her mother had dementia.
Three men came to the door and told her that they had done building work for her and she hadn't payed them.
They brought her to the bank where they demanded that she withdraw her life's savings and hand it over.
They were never caught.

But if they were caught is there a prison that would punish them enough?

Take a look at the Russian prisons

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