Tuesday, October 25, 2016

One good turn deserves another.

 Watin and hopin and prayin to catch you
A city Mural (South Lotts)
     Happy Halloween
Sweden was a big magnet for refugees when the shit hit the fan in Syria and in Turkey.
And so it came to pass that a girl with a broken foot hailed me.
She couldn't walk across the road to join me and I got out and helped her to the car.
She was only going 40 yards!!!!!!!!111
"I need you to take my credit card and go into the Centra and get me cash, then I have to go to the doctor across the road."
I explained to her that that would be a very dangerous thing for her to do, I could clean out her bank account.
So I took €90 on my credit card machine and gave it to her.
While the software was loading I asked her where she came from? Turkey she said.
Then she said that her credit card was Swedish and would it work? It did.
So I gave her the cash and supported her across the road to the doctor.
At the door of the surgery she said
"You have been so good to me, you gave me the cash and you didn't charge me for your time.

Will you give me a hug?".

You can never give away a hug,
She is a really good kid 25 or so.
I wished her a good life.

Sometimes a little bit of kindness can go a long way, nasty people create shit for themselves all the time. So be good and be lucky.
Do someone a favor and just say "Pass it on"

My old car had a problem one of the linkages for the wiper was broken and Judy was quoted €700 to have it fixed. Judys husband died a year ago and she has 2 young children.
Some people will never get to heaven, such a price.

So I dismantled the wipers and looked at the problem. I went to 3 scrap yards no joy.

Then back at home I had a brainwave and went to ebay.  £60 stg it will be here next week.

So as they say, it is all timing  click here

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  1. Good story, good feelings, a smile for you!