Friday, November 04, 2016

Pumpkin gone.

                     Cuban cigar shop on Grafton St
             Happy Halloween in Clontarf
  In Smithfield "Brown bag films" Click here Home to 80+ cartoonists and 3 company dogs.

Well there go all the witches hookers nurses and vampires gone for another year.

Business is picking up, at least for the weekend it did.
But you can only do one job at a time for sure.

One guy from Canada really threw me.
A girl walked past with a dazed expression.
"Another wasted life" I said
"My 2 kids are drug addicts, I haven't seen them for years.
They just made bad decisions"
Its not what you want to hear.
But in his favor you sometimes have to break away from bad situations so they won't drag you down
Dublin is packed with drug dealers and addicts.
Methadone clinics are all over the place.
They give them Heroin to keep crime down. Outside the clinics they deal drugs and so it goes on.
I cannot understand why anyone would stick a needle in their arm and poison themselves, knowing what the outcome will be.
One guy in the taxi once gave me his business card and told me that when I cracked that one to call him and we would lecture the people in every country in the world.
"Even the best brains cannot crack that one"

When I was going away I posted away my motor tax papers to renew my tax disc, on my return I had my PSV license and a receipt, I though that the tax discs had been done away with, but I checked.
Then I rang the motor tax office. The lady checked and told me that the license had not been issued.
But I would have to have a form stamped by the Garda to get a duplicate tax disc.
The point that it had not been issued at all means nothing to her.
But I had to follow the rules.
The next day I had the form stamped and went into the tax office. At 3.25 PM they closed the door in my face. ( Closing time is 3.30)
So On Tuesday I went back in and I was seen in a few minutes.

Sometimes you have to wonder what it is all about.

Yesterday the quays were blocked with rickshaws No tax No insurance No income tax No papers of any sort.
Wait until someone gets killed. Then we will see what happens.

Its a ticking time bomb.

One wise old lady told me
"Leave no money for your kids
Leave them debts !
When they have paid them off they will remember you forever.
Give them money and they will spend it and forget you"

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