Saturday, November 04, 2017

A sad sad day on our street

I bounce around day to day not really thinking about tomorrow until something happens that brings you down to earth with a bang.

On Halloween night a young 19 year old lad hung himself from a tree at the back of his house.

19 is an awkward age, his girlfriend had broken up with him and he snapped.

All the questions why ? why ? why ? In Gods name.

He was on life support for a few days and when it was switched off his organs were harvested.
Some small good for others.

So switch off the computer, the telly, the tablet and the mobile.

I am not saying that he was being bullied on social media, but some kids are unbelievably cruel.
In the USA a 20 year old Michelle Carter was sent to prison for encouraging her x boyfriend to kill himself. A spoiled selfish bitch, the look on her face when she was sentenced is priceless.

Just take time to get to know your kids and your loved ones.
Or go that extra mile with a distressed passenger, suggest they ring the Samaritans..

Ring the Samaritans  116123
text  087 2609090
Or the website

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