Thursday, November 16, 2017

A walk through Dublin

This is Bram Stoker the author of Dracula

The little museum of Dublin well worth a visit.

Brown Thomas Christmas display

I have a friend who is a taxi driver.
When I see him he says "I think how would my day have turned out if I had turned left instead of right?"
There is a movie called Sliding doors that explores the scenario in great detail.
For myself I take the cards as they come and try to work it all out.
The guy got in on O'Connell St and said Finglas.
As we motored along I said "Is it the village?"
Beside Cappagh hospital he said.
Then we had to ask Mr.Google.
When we arrived he gave me €20 "Wait"

Every taxi driver knows that this is a drug deal going down.
So I turned around and killed the engine and waited.

The security was like a military operation, first of all 2 guys came up.
Then one went away.
Then a car drove past at speed and another  third car made the drop.
He came over and got in. "Right back to the conference center"

You know there is no point in preaching the gospel to him. he has sold his soul and there is no point in taking a bullet in the back of the head from him.

Fuck him I hope he will die screaming for mercy!
The mystery carries on

 So today I took the day off, I got my hair cut, walked over to the Merrion hotel to congratulate the concierge on becoming the best hotel in Dublin
Then over to the MyTaxi HQ with a letter from a very unhappy customer..
She was a nutcase,she even stole my pen. "let me out on the corner" 20 yards further on than a group of people heading for the airport.I circled the block, but they were gone.
The message she gave me  read "Ring me at 8pm Thursday"  Some hope of that happening.

Boys and girls a lot of shops have closed down in the last year or so, 
With soaring rents and wages places are going by the hour. 

Bewleys cafe on Grafton St has re opened  I went there for coffee, A girl asked me if I was looking to be seated. I said no, a take away. 
Then she pointed me to the counter where a guy was buying sticky buns, the choice went on and on.
Decision made the guy looked at me. "I'll be with you in a moment" and he spent forever putting the  buns into a box.
Then it was my turn.  He took the money and told me to stand at the end of the counter.
There was a supervisor type of person there and I asked her if I could had made my order at this end of the counter instead of joining the other queue.
Yes that is the way its done,
Bit the other girl made me join the queue for cakes and wasted 8 minutes.
Even at that the guy knew I only wanted coffee to go, he had asked me.
He could have pressed the button before he loaded up the cake order.
She didn't understand me.

Thank God there are other places to go. 


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