Sunday, November 12, 2017

Pity the poor traveller

This place just closed its doors without notice a few weeks ago, a great shop it was.

Irelands biggest Hippocrate, caught hiving money off-shore to avoid tax,

Big guns at the imperial war meusium

30 years since the Enniskillen bombing click here.
Just people remembering those who sacrificed their lives to defeat Hitler and defend freedom.
It is strange how people kill innocent people in the name of their special cause.
The wisdom of it all defies logic.
Whether its in Boston.,Belfast or Beirut.

When you come to stay for a while to visit Ireland you have to prove that you can support yourself for the duration of your stay.
The poor guy that I picked up from Uruguay had come to stay for a few months.
He was moving his base so I popped the seats forward and loaded up all his gear.
He had a tale of woe for sure.
The powers that be want to see real money that you can support yourself during your stay, so he had withdrawn several thousand €uro  in cash to show them.
Now it is not easy to open a bank account so he had the cash on him.
He was robbed, all the money taken.

When we were going over to his new place I noticed that my phone was gone, he rang it for me NO REPLY...So after I dropped him off I retraced my steps, no luck.
Then when I got home my wife was talking to her friend in America on Skype.
I had left it on the table before I left.

Normally I would give him that ride on the house to let him see that there are a few good people around.

Often I stop to tell tourists not to talk on the street with their phone in outstretched hands.

12,000 phones are stolen in Dublin every year !!! 
They think I am mad and they just carry on.

A few months ago I thought how it might be to loose my own fone.
I bought a second hand one and had everything backed up ready to go. 
Not a bad idea at all

If I thought of half the things that happens, or a quarter of the things I am thinking about this blog would span volumes.
So if you are the really cute Brazilian girl. 
Or the nurse from the Philippians, 
Or that really tall French girl.
Or even that funny Greek guy

You are all remembered in my prayers


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