Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Life moves on

Poor Anna from Brazil enjoyed Halloween

The house of our presadent

My son carved this pumpkin

Today we had a huge funeral in Clontarf for our 19 year old suicide victim.
All the whys? have been put away as there is no logical solution to what happened..
You could say it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
All his friends turned up in their hundreds, a very popular boy. Now gone from their company,

God bless you lad may you find peace.

So about work!
The train workers are on strike and it was very briefly mentioned on the radio, foreign people don't listen to the Irish news so they were caught on the hop. 
I managed to pick up 4 different people going in the same direction, as usual they started to argue about how much each person must pay in the end. 
Not fun for sure.
But you can only do one job at a time and the traffic was crap so I gave up early.

A Welsh man off the ferry and I spoke to him about how proud the Welsh are of their language. 
He told me that on the island of Angelsey more than 90% of the people speak Welsh every day.
He also told me that the schools use only Welsh up to the age of 12 years. Then English is introduced. He also told me that in parts of Argentina and Patagonia Welsh is widely spoken..
The poor old Irish language has taken a hammering and is almost gone,

Look at this

The Welsh national anthem is very rousing.

Here is another brilliant safety message from Wales

I have been looking for a line from "View from under a bridge by Arthur Miller"
Its something like a word spoken without thought will take wings.
Those words can never be taken back,
But I bought the play on Amazon and I will look for it. 

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