Saturday, November 11, 2017

Tango festival coming

Tail of a WW2 German plane, with lots of hits to its credit

An early Google mapping bicycle

Natural history  meusum London

So there I was  at the ferry and a guy walks up to me. "Do you take credit cards?
So I want you to take me to Maynooth."
We had to negotiate with the taxi in front of me.
He was first car so he demanded the job.
Four times we asked him if he took credit cards?
No !
Then he has to come with me.
God but he was an interesting man. He had worked all over the world, involved in positioning oil rigs and drilling platforms, a really clever guy.
During the conversation we spoke about drugs and I told him the drug story I told to Stephen Speilburgh.
Shocking as that story is he topped it.

"My daughter was 16 years old and a rebel, she went to a party and got drunk, while she was in a drunken stupor a drug dealer picked her out and injected her with Heroin, then he raped her and made her pregnant. Her child was the most beautiful person I ever met in my life.
My daughters pain lasted for another 10 years.

Living as a drug addict she overdosed.

I see drugs progress and change and get a bigger grip on humanity.
In the bush kids get hooked on ICE they go from normal people to being robbing prostitutes in a few weeks.

I hope I am wrong but I see an epidemic of drugs wiping out whole continents in the near future"

I hope he is wrong too but society is hollow.
There is very little wholesome thought going on in peoples minds, little loving care happening.

Well I hope we are both wrong. We will see.

Perhaps Mr.President will solve all our problems one way or another.

I am really a simple man, good food, good company, great music and I am happy.
If there is wonderful dancing I am more than happy.
There is an Argentinian tango festival coming to Dublin. here for details

Look at this for wonderful ease of movement a pure joy to see

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