Sunday, November 26, 2017

Look out for someone

This is not the usual missing person.
She is a doctor with 2 small children.
Look around for her, I cannot even imagine what has happened.

So a girl came up to me when I was on the Old Burlington rank and asked me where the Wexford bus stop was? I didn't know and I asked the 3 other taxis on the rank.
The bus was coming so I told her that I would bring her to the next bus stop at UCD.
"But I can't afford to pay you"

Look I said. Just pass it on, make the world a better place.

So as we stopped there the Wexford bus pulled up behind us and out she hopped.
If she had walked back she would have missed it.

The photo shows where the bus stop was on Leeson St...

Now we all know

You would not believe I had the luckiest 24 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whether it was because of my good deed or not is for another day.

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