Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parish notes

Sometimes people become famous for catching a ball and scoring a point ,a try or a goal.
They are held high and are known to many for a moment.

Other times the "ball" catches them and they run with it.
Most people do not hear of the fantastic goal that they scored.
But the lives of many are changed as a result.

God has called home on Nov 8 the Rev. Chad Varrah who passed over aged 95.

A good innings and well done.

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Perhaps if you are a taxi driver you could make an effort to carry the Samaritans card which your union will supply. Perhaps even a sticker for the inside of your taxi.


  1. Samaritans Card, what's that John? something you hand over to a person you feel need it? sorry for my ignorance here

  2. The Samaritans office is just opposite the Abbey theater.beside Mission to seamen.
    The cards were printed on my suggestion so that taxi drivers could hand them over if they felt that the passenger could do with a person to listen to them.
    The letter I wrote has appeared in a few taxi publications and in the paper.
    An American guy once got into my car and told me about loosing his job, thought he was OK but he drowned himself in the canal at Blanchardstown an hour later.
    You never know, but they are small cards.
    A group of taxi drivers in N.Ireland are taking it upon themselves to train as councellers.