Friday, November 16, 2007

Judge Roy

Oil Wiper blades/Fitted. Go to Bond St. He won't be beaten for service or price.
He is a good guy too.

Sunlight Chambers home of Sunlight soap the only way to clean your house for decades.

Judge Roy Pearson sued a dry cleaners for the loss of the pants for his suit.
Yes he sued the dry cleaners for $54 million and lost.
Then the selection board who were about to renew his contract,when they got hold of the story and they decided that they did not need him as a judge in the Washington area.

So now he has no pants and no job.

"Well anyone can make a mistake"
As the shortsighted hedgehog said as he dismounted the scrubbing brush.

Another Big drugs find the other day ,Customs found a container of contraband cigarettes and then a container of spirits went missing from the docks.
Its not a thing you could stick under your coat.
Yet there it was GONE.

This is why you have checkpoints all over the place, looking for usual suspects.

Its great to have the Mad DC cabby posting again. He has written one of the funniest Blogs,long may he continue.

Still at odds with the sat nav. It will say turn left when the map on the screen says turn right. But like a new lodger in the house we will get used to each others ways in time.

Things in the housing front are getting tighter.
A journalist with the Sunday Tribune lost his job for reporting that Ken McDonald of Hooke McDonald estate agents was unable to sell his own house. Well you see a lot of space is taken up with property advertising and no one wants to say anything to upset the market which is now in free fall.
Its a bit like the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Kings new clothes,everyone knows but no one will say.
We also have 4 solicitors under investigation, one has"borrowed" as much as e100 million while others have been investing clients money on the side.
One trick that has been used by the speculators was to pay the deposit on a property and then when the house was completed they sold it on at a higher price without fully paying for it in the first place. Now there are no buyers and the builder wants his money,the speculator is a bit stuck cash.
I have no tears for them they have been driving up the prices of houses for decades.

On the jobs front places are closing down as multinational companies close non core businesses and asset strip them for profit, its tough to be out in the cold after 20 or 30 years, even though your company is making money the parent company wants to sell the land and dam the workers.
"Don't all start driving taxis"

Had a super lift tonight 2 people from Holland. "Mespil Hotel, through the port tunnel and over the east link" Its 2 tolls e6 and e1.55 but you are there in a flash.

A while ago for contrast,I picked up an English woman at the airport.
"Driver I have a meeting in the IFSC in 15 minutes, Will we make it?"
I said the ONLY way she would make it was through the tunnel and the toll was e12.
"Thats a bit dear"
So we went on the surface 40 mins. She was very upset missing her meeting.
But when she tried to put the blame on me I exploded,"this was your choice to not go through the tunnel. Anyhow it probably saved you from saying something stupid at the meeting".

Off she went,no tip either.

One thing about driving is that sometimes people are not pay attention and the moment seems to last forever.

Perhaps I will bring Wallhi and his pet to my party he seems to liven things up,that party animal.

I had loads to say so I will save it until the next time.

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  1. the mosaics on the side of the sunlight buiding tell the story of how soap was traded and used when the building was built.....great picture. I love that building, it features a little in my Parliament street video