Monday, February 04, 2008

parish notes

An old vintage van.

Would anyone out there like to guess what this is?

Something I was doing Vanished.
So now I must start again.

The news from here is.

Stories that catch the eye.
A consultant surgeon and his wife have been found guilty of defrauding €700,000 from insurance companies through a false breast cancer claim.

Dr Emad Massoud (aged 52) and his wife Gehan Massoud (aged 45), a nurse, of Woodview, Brownstown, Ratoath, Co Meath were convicted by a jury at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.
They put in a claim against the insurance company for e700,000 claiming that Mrs Massoud had breast cancer. An operation was performed and another doctors signature was put down for the operation. The operation was in fact done by her husband.
The size of the tissue sent to the lab was too big to have come from her breast and in the expert opinion there had just been an incision made and the cut stitched up.
Not much to suffer for e700,000.
Well the aftermath of that will cost them dearly..he was on a good "twist"and when he comes out of prison he will find it hard to get a job.

Chuck Feeneys
friend Dr.Brendan O'Reagan who invented duty free and helped him set up the multi billion business DFS died.
Another person who believed in giving while living.

A young girl who suffered from Rett syndrome and Scoliosis was being denied treatment,she was clearly in distress.
The cost of the treatment in London was e100,000. The child in pain was suffering and the Irish government was refusing payment to treat her.
Operations had been canceled because there was no anathestist.

But then there is a ban on recruiting staff, so staff in very expensive operating theaters do nothing.

While our minister for health flies off to America to watch the Super Bowl and learn what the good old USA has to offer us in the realm of health care.
I would have sent her to the video store to rent "Sicko" by Michael Moore.

Good old Joe Duffys radio program came to the rescue.
A listener put up the money himself.
Then the health board decided to pay after all.
"All A Big mistake " they said

Today is the 50th annaversery of the Munich air disaster
One hero who went back into the wreckage to rescue people was featured in the Sunday times,if I find it I will add his name.
And here is the clip.
Harry Gregg, the United goalkeeper, heroically ignored an instruction from the aeroplane's captain – "Run, you silly bugger, she's going to blow" – and dragged at least three people from the wreckage, Morgans was not found for almost five hours: "At about half-past eight, two German reporters went back to the burning plane. They found me, I was last to come out. They got me back to the hospital and I didn't wake up till the Sunday morning, three days later."
He refused decorations for bravery saying I did what I did at the time.
I am not a hero.
At another time I might have ran away and left them.
But he worked like a bull and horsed people one after the other out of the plane.

So some day you might be faced with the choice.
Hero or Coward ?.

One blogger told the story of how, he wondered would he behave if he was needed to be a hero.
Well one day he saw a car coming at high speed behind him.
He braced himself for the impact,but the car ran up the enbankment then rolled back down.
He jumped from his cab and tried to get the driver out. He couldn't open the seat belt,so he had to run around the car open the belt from the other side, then back around to pull him out.
The car exploded in flames seconds later.
The guy was taken away in an ambulance and the poor old cab driver went about his work.
His next fare completed he put his hand over for his coin clip.


Yes I saw them again Mutt and Geff !
The intrepid pair from the carriage office.
With their IDs hidden they were sneaking around Foster Place like some kind of would be enforcer. Where are you at night boys?
When rogue taxis are there "Bidding" for fares.
Or how in the name of "Sat Nav" do they licence drivers with no English or any knowledge of Dublin?



  1. Is it a pot to piss in? (the picture)

    Snatchers! kill em all...... that's what I say!

    Just messing, I really hope when the regulator takes over the licencing this year they sort out the quality of drivers out there!

  2. Anonymous6:07 AM

    dont hold your breath waiting roy another great blog john keep up the good work btw you to roy. its a fuukin mess out there alright getting harder and harder to earn a crust

  3. Is it a fire extinguisher by any small chance John?

  4. Anonymous4:22 PM

    Well done Bob, come to the top of the class.
    It is an early fire extinguisher. You threw the bottle at the fire and the chemical inside would put out the fire.

  5. Love the van!! Bet it'd cost a fortune to ship here though. My Uncle had a pile of those bottles in the barn that he had converted to cow & horse medication holders by trimming off the necks & tops and fitting cork stoppers to them. Different company though:)