Friday, February 01, 2008

Ireland V Italy

House for sale e57 million+ around e15 million to refurbish.
But you would be living in one of Dublins best roads.

This is a fine example of your neighbors house. Should you buy it.

Whenever I do a posting there is always one thing which I forgot.
Unlike Colombo I do not come back and say *********

Well a train left Heuston bound for Limerick with one passenger on board.
The one guy was blind and was led to the train first,very nice of them.
Then the porter waved to the driver and he took that as the all clear.

Off he went with 300 passengers waiting on the platform.
Where is that guy you see on the movies shouting
"All aboard"
Probably sacked owing to cut backs.

Just a quick word while my breakfast cooks.
Quiet enough night very frosty -2 at times. Snow in the UK fender benders all over the place.

Remember "Old Moores" almanac?
Well he said that there would be storm at the end of Jan and ships would be lost.
An Irish ship Riverdance beached off Blackplool and a second one off the Scilly Isles.
Though he did say in the English channel.
I would demand of the sooth sayer the name of the ship, the date and the time.
Still it was a good prediction.

One of the most memorable fares was at the airport Hilton,a guy I figured to be a drug dealer going down to Kilmore. Started him talking about cars and a Merc I had seen earlier in the day. A sporty red car with 2 bald patches on the back wheels and the webbing on one wheel flapping as the car moved forward.
Looked to me like he had been doing handbrake turns.
When I said I would normally tell someone like that about the impending danger.
But people who drive these high powered Mercs. and BMWs are usually arseholes and they would turn on you anyhow if you tried to tell them anything.
He got all animated hands and arms moving all over the place in agreement.

Fare e7.50. Hands me e20. "Keep the change"e12.50 tip (Theres a Northsider)

Thought I would finish up early and just went home via the green where a large crowd of punters were assembled got Bray and then on to Delgany Co Wicklow.
Workers from Dell!
There was 4 punters and is the custom the first one out gave some money to the last one out, as is the custom,then the second one got out and chipped in. This left 2 girls in the car who exploded at the meanness of the 2 guys.
Then came the full paint peeling opinions of the guys.

Wow I hope I never leave such a bad impression.

The last one was going on and she has great travel plans,New Zealand, Australia, then perhaps Cambodia, Bon Voyage and safe back.

The new road is great and we zoomed back into the big smoke in no time.

Tea in the Spar in Baggott St.
Haunt of hookers and taxi drivers.
A guy was buying one of the Girls a tea, she went off then he drove off.
Thats nice,I thought. Buying her tea to finish the "date"
Happened to be back later and he had 2 girls with him this time.

He seemed to be their "manager" or Pimp

Made the mistake of going to the airport then and had to wait.
While I was waiting I saw a "Top of the range" Merc 08 reg in the queue.
Turns out the car cost around e130,000.
Now my car is worth .50cent and we both get the same payment per mile.

On top of that,with such a swish car would he ever get tips ?.

TIPS to insure prompt service.

POSH on the luggage of Brits going to India.
Port side Out Starboard Home.
(Well now you know)

Missed the first flight in and then got an American guy going to.
"Hilton Hotel in the city center".

His line came from Ireland in the 1700s from Ulster, thrown off the land.
Plantation of Ulster.
He is the first to return.

Still feel like I should have sorted him out fully.
There is the Stakis Hilton, Charlemont place,
then the Conrad Hilton where I left him.
I feel like it should have been the new Kilmanham Hilton beside the jail.

Then of course there is the Airport Hilton where I picked up my biggest tipper of the night.Year..

So today we have the Rugger buggers Italy V Ireland.

There was a beautiful dawn today, every color of violet,eggshell blue and crimson.
I have tried to take photos of these dawns but they just don't turn out right.
You will just have to come and see for yourselves.

Off to bed for me

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