Friday, February 08, 2008

Year of the Rat

Who stopped Giuliani?

Here is a shot of Malissas garage (New York Hack)

The Chinese new year slipped in quietly enough, I had a Chinese lunch in Parnell St today and the waitress told me she had not seen any of the celebrations herself apart for the Dragon who danced through all the establishments in Parnell St. They are just one after the other around there.
Strange thing about Chinese food is after a few beers you have to eat Chinese food,perhaps the food contains the antidote to alcahol.
Anyhow there is 3 days of festival click here
Moore St once the heart of auld Dublin with all its butchers shops and stalls selling fish,fruit and veg are winding down.
Once the air rand out with cries "Lovely oranges 50p a dozen"
The dealers were very sharp witted.
"Take yer hands of dem Herrins,
Dere not like yre auld fallas thing,
Dey wont get bigger with de feelin"
There are some butchers but nothing like there was.Funny thing I saw Troys shop in Burnt Oak near Edgeware London.
He used to have a tape playing. "Lovely pork chops"
"Hows about a few lamb loin chops"

Everything changes now one side of the street is completely closed.
That side of Moore St was home to African hair braiders,Chinese phone fixers, Russian DVD stores, Indian electrical goods shops. You might have been anywhere in the world.

Well today I did a bit. 3 Chinese people going to Prison, great discussion as to which one, found out it was Clover Hill prison (The prison which wins awards every year for their cooking)
One of their friends was picked up by immigration and now faces deportation.
I spoke to them and they told me that they have to bribe officials all the time to escape deportation. She speaks English very well and she invited me to her restaurant
for a real Chinese meal,(Not the Western menu) I look forward to that and learning about these e20,000 payments.
I would like to herald in next years Chinese new year with a parade of the corrupt officials down the street and ask the Chinese people to pelt them with rotten eggs and fruit.

The other memorable fare was a guy going for a job interview over the other side of the city. He had been working for the same tobacco company for 29 years and now it was closing and leaving Ireland.
He had a perfect work record except for a few years he had to take off owing to Cancer, he has the all clear now.
He had loads of time before his interview which was just as well as the early morning traffic is no joke.

I wish you the very best friend,
tell all your mates NOT to become taxi drivers
but for yourself the very best of luck.

I have been chasing round to get panel beating done, the number of places which have closed down is amazing. My man just let me down flat.
"I know you were booked in but 3 people brought cars in in front of you"

I had problems with ignition and went to 3 garages "its a new starter motor you need"
I knew enough to know that was not the case.
I went to an auto electrical place and told him my story.
Out with the electrical meter......
"Its the ignition switch at the back of the key.
Common fault with taxis.
You get it I'll fit it "
Over the M50 and back with the part -e100.
20 mins fitting it e60(no recept).
Still I now have the problem solved I would have been down e400 for a new starter and the problem not solved the other way.

A German guy put it so well when he said that "Irish people do not know the concept of service".
In hotels etc you get it because its foreign staff.
But go to a garage or a body shop its a different story.

This is why Polish painters and plasterers are doing so well.
They come when they say and stick to their quotes.

Back to the top photo an American fire fighter in the car told me why Giuliani would never become president of anything

Guess that defines the word RAT

Makes you think.

What did Bill Clinton do on the Kenneddys?

Stay safe until we meet again.
Here is something nice to finish off you week.

Have a good one

Go to the Chinese market in Smithfield.

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