Monday, February 25, 2008

Back home

This is the ship Riverdance which ran aground on the beach in high seas off the coast near Blackpool,if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see the men on the right standing on the hull,this is no small boat. I very much doubt if she can be salvaged.Perhaps if she was further out to sea,but as you see she is lying flat.


This is the dealers hall where magic tricks are sold.
Magic just doesn't happen you know.

This is the main lecture hall so you have an idea of the scale of things.

Back home and back in the saddle tomorrow.

Blackpool was the tops for a seaside holiday from the early 1900s until the early 70s. Then the package holiday came along with the promise of sunshine instead of rain.So Blackpool went into decline.

I overheard one guy telling his mate that he found 2 pubic hairs in his bed when he pulled back the sheets.
I can tell you now by his reaction he would never make a taxi driver!
At least they were not attached to anything,you can't go lower than that.

One fact is that Blackpool had more tourist beds than all of Portugal.
Big conventions are held there now. Labor party conference, pigeon fanciers,magicians etc. The magicians convention is the biggest of its kind in the world, but its too big really.Even too much ice cream is not good.

So I had 3 days of lectures, displays and 2 shows plus competitions to see.

Sad to say the standard of showmanship and magic is nothing much to write home about.

Happy news that Tommy Cooper has been honored with a statue in his home town of Carphilie in Wales "just like that,BOYO"

On arrival at Dublin airport there was a bit of a delay getting off the plane.
We had to exit by the back door,on walking past the front door we could see why.
A little truck which is used to unload baggage had collided with the stairs as it came down. At least 6 people with clipboards writing reports.

Sorry to have missed the Scots playing Ireland at rugby, but you can't see every dogfight.

Went to the port to see if my new car has arrived from Japan.

I saw the Kamakazi drivers taking new cars off a transporter, man they really move.
4 cars out chased by another staff car which brings the drivers back to the ship and then back again. They just drive into a holding area where they are sorted later.
This transporter has a quick turn around time.

A few phone calls, then I learn.
My ship is coming in tonight, provided the winds drop off and the quayside is clear.

I bought this car on the net.
I have not seen it or kicked the wheels.
I don't know if the company exists or where my money is.

I can only describe the feeling as akin to expecting a new "Russian bride"

What will she really be like?

Will she like the dog?

Will she be a dog?

Perhaps I am making a mistake.
Who knows?


  1. Great description of the new Blackpool. i'd love to browse that fair!
    Car off the net! wow post or e-mail me details of the site!

  2. Glad you enjoyed yourself in Blackpool and hope the car works out OK for you.