Thursday, February 28, 2008

New arrival

This is my new "baby"

Engine as clean as a whistle.

This was the only damage (which was declared)apart from the flattest battery in the world and it was hard to get a new one.

After a months wondering my car which I bought in Japan arrived in Dublin port aboard the Asian Vision 186. I went down to the quay to collect her and it is another world down there, the guys race down the ramp of the ship into a martialing area, 4 cars followed by a fifth. Formula one stuff! The guys park up the cars and run into the fifth car and race back into the ship again. They do it all the time,so they are really good.(Or should that be rally good)
But smashes do happen.
There was a few smashed up new cars going to the panel beaters and to the crushers yard.

It was a worry I had paid out my penny and had not got my bun!

But all is well and I have a super car.
Pity all the displays are in Japanese.
I suppose I should take lessons so that I can talk back to it when it shouts at me.

Dublin is in a state of shock this weekend.
Sad news for the Polish community as 2 Polish men died from stab wounds inflicted by a 16 year old nutcase.
He went home after a minor row and got the screwdriver and stabbed them both in the head.
Young Polish men who came over here to make a better life.
People all over Dublin are shocked and stunned.
We know that this could have happened in any city over the world,but it is so tragic and the area where it happened is not a really bad area.

But we as taxi drivers we have to face down these scumbags every night of the week.
What confuses me is thatI see the Garda camped in the verge of a 40 MPH straight stretch of road handing out tickets while at the same instant stolen cars roar through housing estates.

You can't take away the licence of a 14 year old in a stolen car because they don't have any licence to take away, so you take away the livleyhood of an honest citizen who just happens to be an easy target.
I have no respect for this, tax collecting.

Reminds me of the miners strike when I was young.

When I was in Blackpool a taxi driver who brought me back to the airport told me that his night driver got stabbed in the head with a key by a punter.

Black cabs in the UK have a protective screen (which we don't have)and he got his hand through the opening.
In the struggle the driver lost control of the car and crashed.
The car was a write off.
His insurance was only third party so he was at the expense of a new cab.
His night driver quit and now he has no night driver, he would have taken me on there and then.Imagine Blackpool from an innocent Dublin taxi drivers eyes.
What would I have made (should this be maid) of the "Flying Handbag" pub.
The mind boggles.
Me and Lilly Savage coming home together of a night as you do
If you are reading this mate tell me .
Did he get 20 hours community service?

Bet the punishment did not match the crime.

Do tell us if you logged on!

Once upon a time a long time ago in Tallagh they were having problems with joyriders, the Garda were called.
But they did not come.
The residents group met the local Garda who told them that they were very busy but the welfare of the community was their prime objective.

Well time passed an things got worse.

One day as 2 cars drove past with seconds between them.
BANG ! BANG ! Both barrels of a shotgun,one shot each into the back of each car,the gunman was taken away in a flash by motorcycle.
Within 20 minutes there was 6 police cars in the street.

The cry was
"we can't let people be taking the law into their own hands"

Funny thing was that the "Joy riding" stopped

Now I don't approve of it BUT.

They have a thing in Asia called summery justice(have a look on youtube)

Perhaps when the law is a complete fiasco this is what will have to happen before things come right again.

An Irish lady judge was very lenient on muggers and handbag snatchers.
(if you are involved in the courts you will know this)

One day she was standing on the footpath when a snatcher took he bag.
He didn't beat the lard out of her he just spun her around, but with the impact she broke her hip.


9 Months later on the bench.
handbag snatching !
First offense 12 months.

Next case.

I suppose you have to stand in the front line for a few weekends we are sick of it all.

A Parish Notice

I am putting this on the blog hoping that someone who knows this lady will read it and recognize her.
She was standing at the bus stop at the Frascatti center the other day.
Forgive me if I am being a bit blunt here, but I thought she was a tramp.

Her shoes were untied and she had stains all over her pants and coat.

She was going to buy a bed in Sallynoggin. When we got there she wanted me to wait and bring her back to Blackrock again.
Happy days.

Now she was e75 short of the price of the bed, which meant going back home to Blackrock for more money and back again.(a good few extra bob)

So ever the gent I chipped in with the money, hoping with experience to the contrary that she was kosher.

She was a lovely lady and lived up to my hopes and dreams, she paid in full and tipped well.

Boys and girls take note!

Having seen the signs of dementia in my own mother I can tell you this lady needs help.
She was married to a doctor,now a widow and lived near Avondale(home of Charles Stewart Parnell)

Not a lower class area.

She has 3 sons All doing really well.
One a is a Barrister married to a state solicitor.

The others she told me about.

But with Mothers day around the corner,people are going to get together.

If you are reading this and you are one of her sons look at mum a bit closer.

I couldn't see what was happening to my own mum at the time.

But I can see it now.

I think if you are close to the situation you cannot see it!

One of my friends is a doctor and she told me that she would value MY opinion of her own child's health over her own opinion.


Because I am detached, not because I am a doctor.
She brings her own son to the doctor.
By the back door OK.
But she never even self diagnoses herself.
Is that mad or what?

Elderly people are getting fooled into taking out these "Equity release" loans.

This is a great big con.

Take a look at the terms and conditions.

Boys and girls.

This would have been you house if you had looked after your own flesh and blood.

Now it belongs to the bank.

My own mother sold land and I don't know if she was ever even paid for it.

That is in the past.

Another thing.

Kids should do is give a few bob over now.

Think about it now.

You were never too shy when it came to looking for your pocket money!

Now its their turn.

They are too proud to ask for anything.

Well there is food for thought!

Well back to the car. TV, Reversing camera, all the bells and whistles.

The down side is that everything is in Japanese.
But its a fantastic car to drive.

Its great to have toys!!!!!!!!!!!

Can't get on to the computer much I nearly have to beat the head of my son to get on, but he is out tonight.

Must go out to make some money too.

Little joke.

Chinese new year.

Year of the Rat.

But you know every time I am writing a cheque I keep on forgetting.

I write down Monkey instead of Rat.
Perhaps its not funny.

But Chinese people find it great.(Try it)

I have no time for TV.
Well we don't have shows like this except on cable or satalite.
But you would be stupid to watch something like this and even more stupid to take part/


  1. Car looks nice are you going to use it it on the job?

  2. No new car for "She who must be obeyed".
    I can see this car as being the taxi of the 21st cent.
    Its like driving a space ship.

  3. looks nice! shocking about those polish lads, I'll read the rest of your post later! I did this alreasy didn't seem to take?

  4. Anonymous6:17 AM

    Congrats on the new wheels. If you are stuck, post a snap of the japanese , i can translate it for you.

  5. Anonymous3:43 PM

    That old lady sounds like a sad case. If she's from such a well-to-do background there's probably a nice bit of property there too. I'm sure that won't be ignored by her off spring the way she seems to have been!

  6. Nice wheels. Lived in Japan a number of years, the controls are all easily understood pictures if I remember correctly. vroooom, vrooooom. (my son used to unload cars/trucks from the ROROs in Jacksonville, Fl when he was younger)