Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines day

Butterly business park site of the Stardust

The Stardust monument in Coolock

Every year around this time Northside families recall again a moment in time that will never be forgotten.

A moment frozen in time,which because of cover ups and fudging the wounds continue to stay open.

On Valentines night a fire broke out in the Stardust dance hall taking the lives of 48 young people and blighting the lives of hundreds more.
This year it will be 27 years since it happened.

The windows had bars and the fire doors padlocked and chained shut.

Stories abound of heroes,people escaped and went back in to get their coats and cowards who rushed to move their cars instead of helping people.

There was no one held to blame and the people who survived got no counseling or emotional support, no compensation here.

There were collections made but like the early morning mist it vanished, where to no one knows..

The people who owned and ran the club were never held to blame, as always in Ireland.
All you need is a politician in your pocket to escape from the law.

There was never closure for the relatives, this year again they will ask for an inquiry.

I couldn't find the photos on my computer and when I went up there was the beginnings of a get together with well known TDs coming to "Pump the flesh".

I worked in security a few years ago,going from pub to club through the day.
It was cash in transit and I often saw locked fire exits and blocked escape routes. Not to mention key boxes at emergency doors with the keys missing.

This could all happen again.

Perhaps this year some fire inspectors will be appointed to make spot checks on pubs clubs and hotels.

If its not right you are closed down.
Do it twice and you are out of business.

I won't hold my breath.

But I would like to be there when those who are guilty of the Stardust disaster meet their maker.

Song By Christy Moore

On a lighter note there is a relic of St Valentine in the church on Auinger St.
There is supposed to be a black Madonna there,but she's not black.

A little scumbag got 7 years for beating up a taxi driver.

Found guilty of kicking him on the head and stomach as well as bighting him
The driver got a fractured skull and lost 12 teeth.

When this happens they very seldom catch the perpetrator,I often hear tales of assaults.

Never get out of your car, let it go.

Taxi drivers.

Carry a gun! Like In the movie Taxi driver

This is the classic example of picking up the wrong person.

It was not the guys fault though he had drug problems since he was 14.

I know that a few taxi drivers relations will make his time in jail a time to remember for the rest of his life..

WE are just trying to make a living.
Just get in,tell us where you are going, how you would prefer to get there.
Then pay up and GO.

No more "you should have gone that way!
I never go this way."

We could go through a hundred X a hundred variations of this.

Stolen from TAXI TALES another blogger

Well you know how much I like to watch crashes here is a good crash clip


  1. I was an apprentice plumber back then working for a company based in Malahide, he used to pay us in the Goblet on Fridays, I'll never forget those days,

  2. Anonymous5:46 AM

    with all the stuff thats coming out about the time in ireland its more clear now than ever before that a cover up was used and hopefully the people will get justice fair play to them keep up the fight