Saturday, February 02, 2008

Night off,didn't mean to.

This lady walked up and down where the Spire now stands.
She used to preach until she lost her voice.
Then she just walked up and down waving her arms.

This house in the docklands is long gone and a block of apartments stands in its place.

Well I stayed out too late, got up too early,so I will take the night off.
Is there anything thats not on Google?
Dublin slang oddles of stuff.Cockney rhyming slang...we have our own,,
Still its better to rest than to fall asleep at the wheel.
You might never know what happened,I would like to sympathize with anyone who has lost someone recently, and to the families of the Italian people killed near Roscrea last night.
Head on crash.

But notice the number of police cars in the clip
No one is a saint when it comes to speed.

Everyone needs to slow down.
Would Lady Di be dead if Jean Paul had just been let drive?

Then back to real life.
If you miss the Chinese new year you will be missing what promises to be a great event.(Use the magnafying glass thing to read it)
Look out for the Dragon boat race on the Liffey and the Asian market in Smithfield.

Just in case you cannot recognize the effects of drugs,here is 10 of the most popular.

Then theres the time you went to court and the judge shows no respect
Now there's 2 dumb people,how can she say she is a real judge?.
While I am at it .Here is a slice of life from Oz

While I am at it here is the Samba soccer moves for you.
Now that is what I call football.


  1. Traffic collisions are the most common cause of death for LEOs in the States.

  2. God is good ....he took that mad bitches voice away, praying all the time and preaching about the sins of contraception and abortion.
    where'd she go? is she dead?

    I preferred the diceman RIP

  3. Anonymous6:14 AM

    alot of old dublin is getting knocked down i drove by the pollyhops pub today [the old happy brig on the adamstown newcastle rd ]and that has been flattened with travellers living in the carpark another block of apartments i suppose